Speaker Announcement: James Adeleke

James Adeleke Social Entrepreneur and Founder of Generation Success Linkedin Twitter Link Workshop: The 5 Factors That Stop Diverse Talent Succeeding We live in an unfair society, especially for the 93% of people who do not benefit from attending private school. Statistics show that our success is not defined by our ambition, drive or ability […]

Speaker Announcement: Mohammed Qahtani

Mohammed Qahtani World Champion of Public Speaking Linkedin Twitter Workshop: Should I Quit ? Saudi Arabian security engineer Mohammed Qahtani won the title of Toastmasters International World Champion of Public Speaking. He survived seven rounds of a competition that lasted six months and included 33,000 competitors from around the world. In Mohammed’s workshop, he will […]

Speaker Announcement: Mohamed Ouf

Mohamed Ouf QS Product Analyst Linkedin Twitter Link Workshop: Is an MBA worth it? Are you looking to make a change in your career? Whether you’re looking for progress, a new industry or even to start your own company, education could be your next step. In this workshop, Mohamed will share the latest trends/data in […]

Speaker Announcement: Dennis Lam

Dennis Lam Linkedin Enterprise Account Executive Linkedin Workshop: Rocking Your LinkedIn Game LinkedIn’s mission is to Connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. Understanding how you can get more out of LinkedIn can help you taking a next step in your career, whether it’s exceeding expectations in your current role or […]

Speaker Announcement: Paul Carroll

Paul Carroll Founding President of UK’s first Toastmasters Debate Club Facebook Workshop: Debate And You This workshop will offer a taster of debate as form of public speaking, not usually covered in typical Toastmasters clubs. Key takeaway: Critical analysis Persuasion in daily life https://youtu.be/GoOq79Rd_u8 About Paul Carroll Paul is the founding president of 104 London […]

Speaker Announcement: Alistair Stevenson

Alistair Stevenson Experienced Management Professional Linkedin Workshop: Stress And How To Manage It In this workshop, you will hear Alistair discuss stress and public speaking phobias. He will provide you with proven tools to enable you to manage stressful situations.  Key takeaways: Gain an understanding of stress How it works How to beat it https://youtu.be/gGCzsLEtfNc About […]

Keynote Announcement: Bret Freeman

Bret Freeman Founder and Chief Visionary Officer Linkedin Facebook Youtube Link Keynote: The Future Looks Bright: The Power of cultivating a Growth Mindset The world has certainly changed over the past twelve to eighteen months. We have moved to a work from home (or live at work) culture. Our relationships have changed, our communications have […]

Speaker Announcement: Vanessa Dal Busco

Vanessa Dal Busco Marketing & PR Ambassador Linkedin Twitter Link Workshop: How To Effectively Grow and Maintain Strong Communities on Social Media In this workshop, you will learn:  The mother of all invention: One way to get 64k impressions on social media  Branding & purpose Transformation & team (content / taskforce / technology) Challenges & […]

Speaker Announcement: Andrew Griffiths

Andrew Griffiths Sustainability & Technology Specialist Linkedin Workshop: Let’s Talk About Sustainability With the exponential rise of sustainability interest all spheres, public speakers are increasingly being asked to touch on the subject in talks across any and all themes, whether or not it’s within their area of expertise. This session will equip you with your […]

Speaker Announcement: Reena Dayal

Reena Dayal Author & Leadership Accelerator Linkedin Twitter Facebook Link Workshop: Reveal Your Brilliance As disruption and unpredictability unfolds before us, an opportunity has been created for individuals to recognise, develop and reveal their brilliance. For those who dare, this is an exciting time to dream and stretch themselves beyond their current abilities. The questions […]