Speaker Announcement: Olga Rudakova

Olga Rudakova Finance Professional & Visual Storyteller Linkedin Facebook Instagram Link Workshop: Storytelling With Business Data Why do we create bad charts and ineffective visuals? Why do we tell exciting stories in Toastmasters, but keep showing boring sets of numbers at work presentations? In this workshop, you will learn how to apply storytelling principles to […]

Speaker Announcement: Paul McGee

Paul McGee Sunday Times Bestselling Author Linkedin Twitter Link Workshop: Ramp Up Your Resilience And Boost Your Wellbeing In this workshop, you will learn:  The single biggest factor that undermines our wellbeing – and how to overcome it How to manage mental, physical, and emotional fatigue Explore ‘Green Zone’ thinking based on the work of […]

Speaker Announcement: Paul Imre

Paul Imre​ Data Science Speaker & Debater Linkedin Twitter Facebook Link Workshop: Why Get On The Bus Congratulations, you’ve joined Toastmasters, you’ve delivered a few speeches, and perhaps without fully knowing it, you have been treading the path towards exceptional leadership. What you say and do can have a real impact, but what about your […]

Speaker Announcement: Lucinda Harman

Lucinda Harman Sales & Performance Excellence Coach Linkedin Facebook Facebook Instagram Link Workshop: The Sales Myth Buster Every day is an opportunity to learn and grow exponentially. Every opportunity is a matter of transforming the ‘ordinary into extraordinary!’ This is why some people succeed way more in business and life than others. Lucinda’s wish is […]

Speaker Announcement: Andrzej Manka

Andrzej Manka Entrepreneurship & Sales Professional Linkedin Twitter Facebook Link Workshop: The Power of Persuasion: Three Little Known Powerful Techniques Persuading people is one of the essential skills in life and in business. When you know how to persuade, you can certainly generate more money and make a much more impressive professional career. You can […]

Speaker Announcement: Tony Fasulo

Tony Fasulo Speaker, Trainer, Coach & Motivate-ologist Linkedin Twitter Facebook Link Workshop: Why You Need An Elevator Pitch In Tony’s workshop, you will find out:  What is an elevator pitch? Why bother having one? What should/shouldn’t it contain? Tony delivers his messages in a fun, easy to understand manner, so his audiences come away enthused […]

Speaker Announcement: Gabriela Nicolae

Gabriela Nicolae Personality Type Hacks Expert Linkedin Twitter Instagram Link Workshop: Build A Successful Team With DISC Everyone you encounter is motivated differently, communicates differently, and views tasks and relationships differently. Nowadays, teams are multicultural and to have successful projects, it is mandatory to close the communication gap between team members. In this workshop, you […]

Keynote Announcement: Erin Gruwell

Erin Gruwell Educator & Founder of the Freedom Writers Foundation Linkedin Link Keynote: Becoming A Catalyst For Change Erin Gruwell found herself the teacher for a troubled group of students who had been dubbedunteachable. The tale of how this first-year teacher encouraged these wayward inner city kids to redirect their lives, forego rampant drugs and […]

Speaker Announcement: Erica D’Eramo

Erica D’Eramo Diversity & Inclusion Specialist Linkedin Twitter Link Workshop: Diversity, Equity And Inclusion: Then And Now In this workshop, you hear from Diversity & Inclusion Specialist Erica’s front-line experience:  Examination of the evolving understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion in the face of #MeToo, Black Lives Matter and the pandemic Discussion of the setbacks […]

Speaker Announcement: Jessica Breitenfeld

Jessica Breitenfeld Facilitator, Therapist, Elevator Pitch Coach Linkedin Twitter Facebook Youtube Link Workshop: Adapt IQ: A Three-Step Mindset For Better Relationships The experienced trainer learns a 3-step model to get buy-in faster. The leader gets insights into self-mastery, and team players will leave with specific ‘Serious Games’ to bring back to make their teams more […]