Speaker Announcement: Niko Kavakiotis

Niko Kavakiotis Siemens IoT Sales Executive & Executive Coach Linkedin Twitter Workshop: Sell With A Story “To sell is human” said Daniel Pink. We are all “selling” since the day we are born. Someone could say we are born with natural sales skills… but then something goes wrong.  The term “sales person” is either getting […]

Speaker Announcement: Martina Simekova

Martina Simekova Mindset & Life Coach Linkedin Facebook Instagram Workshop: Abolish Your Biggest Limiting Beliefs In this workshop, you will learn:  What are beliefs Where it comes from It creates problems but it’s all about the PATTERN Bring your focus in Key takeaways: Knowing what the beliefs system is How I learnt it Where it […]

Keynote Announcement: Derek Arden

Derek Arden Broadcaster and Negotiation Expert Linkedin Twitter Facebook Link Keynote: Seven Habits Of Highly Effective Negotiators In this opening keynote, Derek will discuss: The power of positioning Questioning and listening Reading the silent signals Recognising what is not said The psychology of tactics The power of Influence And handling difficult people Key takeaways: Being […]

Speaker Announcement: Artem Mushin-Makedonskiy

Artem Mushin-Makedonskiy Story Gatherer and HR Consultant Linkedin Facebook Workshop: Professional Human Being. How To Thrive By Being Your True Self In a rapidly changing world, what you do doesn’t get you special anymore and doesn’t help you get your message out there — whatever you do, there will always be 5 people doing it […]

Speaker Announcement: Lyn Roseaman

Lyn Roseaman Author & Public Speaking Expert Linkedin Twitter Instagram Link Workshop: Take Some Time To Shine Online A year or so ago, we were all cast adrift with video as our life raft. Suddenly we all had a voice, and we all had a platform, but we had to learn a whole new way […]

Speaker Announcement: Pedro Casillas

Pedro Casillas Performance and Training Lead Linkedin Facebook Workshop: Fear Of Speaking In Public…..…? Not A Problem Now That James Brown Is Back In Town! In this workshop, you will learn: Feel that fear…and tell it to go away Coffee time – how to be cool and calm in an instant James Brown is in […]

Speaker Announcement: Seema Menon

Seema Menon Chief Strategy Officer, AI Enthusiast Linkedin Twitter Workshop: Rediscovering Agreement People step into an organisation with optimism and cohesion. Nobody begins with the intent of creating conflict, which means at one time people began with agreement.  As imagination, ideas and courage bursts forth into the foreground, difference of opinion is bound to emerge. […]

Speaker Announcement: Andrew Tsuro

Andrew Tsuro Corporate Skills & EQ Trainer Linkedin Twitter Facebook Workshop: How To Grow Your Business Brand Through Social Media This workshop covers: Developing clarity of a social brand for the business (or professional) Understanding the various media channels and how to leverage influence from them Content creation and communications strategy plan After this session […]

Speaker Announcement: Anita Ramanathan

Anita Ramanathan Science Communicator, Neuroscientist Linkedin Youtube Link Workshop: Storytelling With Data – Transform Numbers To Narratives Numbers can reveal fascinating insights. Big decisions are now made based on data. Yet, when we communicate, we often default to sharing information without highlighting the meaning behind those numbers or the impact it can have. Contrary to […]

Keynote Announcement: Kristina Sharykina

Kristina Sharykina Translator & LATAM Specialist Linkedin Facebook Keynote: Ride High! Why do our everyday habits hold us back from achieving what we want?  Often times we’re so comfortable where we are that changing something about ourselves engenders fear because it means changing our daily habitual behaviours. If we go too far down the scale, […]