It’s Not About You:
The Neuroscience of Audience Engagement

We have all been caught by surprise with recent events and this has caused us to communicate differently.  Even our district conference has gone online!  For many this way of connecting with others is a new experience.  Where we once worked on audience engagement in a room full of people and looked for creative techniques, we now have a whole new environment to think about.  This new environment brings with it unique challenges because our attendees can be accessing email, shopping sites and anything else that competes for their attention while on video calls. Engagement has never been more challenging, or more important.

In this presentation, Bret will not only look at the practical side of online meetings but will also discuss what is going on in our own brain chemistry as well as that of our audience when delivering a speech or presentation online.  How we come across on video has different impact on our audience and it has never been more important to find the right engagement practice as well as being able to differentiate yourself in a sea of talking heads in little boxes on screens around the world. 

Presenter: Bret Freeman

Bret Freeman is a Keynote Speaker, Facilitator and Executive Coach. He works with senior leadership teams to help improve cultural transformation in the areas of unconscious bias, inclusion and diversity, change management, and the neuroscience of learning. Bret has more than 25 years’ experience facilitating change and delivering key leadership development programmes to large corporations across a wide range of industries including, Finance, Technology, Pharmaceutical, Professional Services, Government and Military organisations in over 20 countries. In addition to extensive study in the field of Behavioural Psychology Bret is a full member of the British Neuroscience Association where his work focuses primarily on growth mindset, unconscious bias and the effects of our communications on those with whom we interact. He is certified in Brain Based Coaching Skills through the NeuroLeadership Institute, a qualified Master Coach with the ABNLP, a certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, and a certified Cognitive Behavioural Therapist. Bret has served as Area 21 Director, VP Mentoring and VPE at Chiltern Speakers, is a frequent speaker at international leadership events and has been a featured TEDx speaker and coach. Additionally, he has also had a successful second career as a television sports presenter and has hosted live and pre-recorded programmes all over the world. Formerly known as “Hollywood” he was one of the UK’s leading ring announcers and even a Come Dine With Me winner.