Know Your Audience

It is vital to appreciate the importance of different audience perspectives.

Raising your own self-awareness levels, and being able to recognise behavioural traits in others, improves flexibility, presence and reactions as a speaker and a leader.  

Everyone is different and this should be celebrated. 

This workshop will bring to life the language and theory of behavioural clusters (©Belbin Team Roles). It will help you to relate to, empathise with, and anticipate your audience, as well as to understand why some people are more difficult to relate to than others.

It will also emphasise that Teamwork is vital for the success of Toastmasters Clubs by encouraging members to play to their strengths.

The lessons learned will be valuable within Toastmasters and beyond.

Presenter: Clare Crowther

Clare Crowther, DTM, ACG, ALS, VC5, PM3, Accredited Speaker.

Clare Crowther’s passion is working with organisations that have the desire to embrace the power of their people.

During 26 years as CEO of Your New Horizon, a Change Management company, Clare has worked across the UK and continental Europe with FTSE 100 companies; large, medium and small enterprises; Government Departments; and Universities.

Whilst deploying her Programme Management and Leadership & Management expertise, Clare became increasingly curious about the psychology of individuals’ contributions to an organization’s success.

She studied and became a qualified practitioner in several psychometrics
and gained a Diploma in Executive Coaching.

Clare regularly speaks at events, facilitates workshops, and works as an Executive Coach particularly with CEOs and aspiring Leaders.