Network Your Way To Netflix
– How To Use Networking To Achieve Your Dreams

You are at a crossroads – you have a BIG GOAL which you want to pursue (a new business, new job, a new book etc.) But do you require some help from others to achieve or get closer to your dream? If so, this means that you have to go out there and NETWORK. But what if you are nervous/scared/rubbish at NETWORKING?!

Then this workshop is for you! Netflix TV Show creator Andrew Osayemi will share you his tips on how he used networking to achieve his dream of creating a TV show and selling it to Netflix.

By the end of this workshop you learn techniques to

  • How to be memorable at networking event
  • How to follow up to make the most of your network
  • How to network better online
  • How to create lasting relationships with your new network

Presenter: Andrew Osayemi

Andrew Osayemi is a TV entrepreneur, ex-financial markets trader and diversity recruitment champion. After working for 5 years as an financial derivatives trader in London and New York, in 2010 he left to co-found a TV production company, MTA Productions, without any TV experience. He made every mistake possible and was turned down by all the major broadcasters, but through resilience, determination and hard work he lead the company to enjoy success via hit TV Shows including flagship hit show Meet the Adebanjos which he personally sold to over 30 TV channels around the world and is watched by millions each week. In 2019 after almost 10 years in the business Andrew sold Meet the Adebanjos to Netflix.