Think Before You Panic.
Critical Thinking for Toastmasters and Daily Life.

How do we make decisions?
We’re making thousands of decisions every day, from what to wear or what to have for breakfast.
Because there are so many – most of the time we stay in the automatic mode. That’s fine for deciding about our outfit or about breakfast, but it may negatively impact our lives if we do it when deciding our next job or whether or not to run away from the city when we hear a report about an alien invasion (this actually happened in the US in 1938).
In this workshop we’ll look at how automatic thinking can lead you to bad conclusions.
We will also look at the role of facts, observations, experiences and beliefs in decision making – and how you can properly distinguish between them.
And we’ll discuss dirty tricks that some may try to use in order to persuade them about their cause – and how you can call them out.

After attending this workshop you will walk away with a simple “Critical Thinking Toolbox” you will be able to start using immediately when making decisions – both in Toastmasters activities and in daily life.

Presenter: Lukas Liebich

Lukas, District 110 Director, started his career as a management consultant in Accenture in 2010. In 2015 he joined MSD as Project Manager. Along the way he started picking up presentation and facilitation skills attending meetings of Prague Business Toastmasters and other Prague’s speaking clubs. After gaining experience with trainings (and making his audiences sing Britney Spears’ songs) in Toastmasters, he brought that skill to the professional world and since then has delivered trainings in various corners of the world (Austin, Moscow, Singapore, to name a few).