District 91’s Great Gavel Race

The race is on! Eight gavels are currently racing around 171+ clubs in all eight divisions throughout District 91, by any means necessary.


Which division will be the first to get their gavel around all their clubs?


Which division will use the most creative means of transport between their clubs?


When a gavel arrives at your club, it will have its photo (or a video) taken, with members proclaiming, “We are District 91!”, before being swiftly forwarded on to the next club.


The goal is for the eight gavels to have visited all of the clubs and circled back to each division director before 31st March 2022.


There will be a prize for:

  • The most creative mode of transport between clubs (we mean really creative, think Mission Impossible, James Bond or Fast and Furious for example), judged by the district leadership team and awarded at the District Conference on 6-8th May 2022.


  • The first division to have successfully moved the gavel around all of its’ clubs with documented evidence and photos!

Let your imagination flow.

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