Ilaria Vilkelis

Backup MC

About Ilaria Vilkelis

Ilaria joined Daybreakers of Westlake Toastmasters in California Cardinals in 2001. Over the years, she served as VPE, and President in several clubs and competed up to Division level. She co-founded four clubs, two of which in Lausanne Switzerland before taking a hiatus from Toastmasters in 2007.

She re-joined in 2019 and soon became the VPE of Experience French. She then joined Excalibur Speakers taking on the role of VPE and she has guided the Club during its transition online. She is currently serving as President of Excalibur Speakers and Area Director for Area L16. A proud President of a strong club, and the proud mother of the youngest member of Excalibur, her son Robert.

Outside Toastmasters, Ilaria’s career spans over 30 years, focusing on management consulting, executive coaching and leadership training. She currently works with small yet mighty businesses that are looking to scale up quickly. She is particularly interested in the future of work and the transition to anytime/anywhere working.

A keen photographer, when she is not working (a rare occasion), she loves walking, listening to world music, and discovering less known parts of London.