Anja Sims

Movement session – “Gesture like you mean it!”

SAT 01 MAY, 14:00 – 14:15

Do you talk with your hands or are you less sure about what to do with your hands when speaking? 

After a fully-packed morning at the conference it is time to get you moving again. 

Come along to this movement session where we will play with gestures – big and small. You may well find that they come in handy in a speech or presentation to bring your stories and messages even more vividly to life. 

Fifteen minutes to mobilise and stretch the body (and perhaps even the mind a little bit, too).

About Anja Sims

After far too many years at a desk Anja switched keyboard & mouse for dumbbells & resistance bands. Since then she has been helping her clients get fitter and happier in their bodies with Pilates and strength exercise. 

Not a spring chicken herself anymore she really appreciates the importance of remaining active and strong and keeping a bounce in one’s step as the decades tick on. For her, movement is one of the super boosters for the body, together with balanced nutrition, self-care and sleep. 

A Toastmaster of over 5 years, Anja draws on her creative speaking skills to present new ways to get joints mobilised and bodies moving, keeping the mind engaged with imagery and a sprinkling of storytelling here and there.