Dr Dimple Devadas

Design your own Wellness in just 15 minutes

SAT 01 MAY, 14:00 – 14:15

Surfing the health impact wave of the pandemic, Dimple will take you on a personal design experience – a healthy trip (with no drugs involved) that will help you create your own prescription for wellness. This gentle journey will revive and enrich your spirit.

About Dr Dimple Devadas

Dimple is a GP, Psychology coach, Lifestyle Medicine Physician, NLP master practitioner & behaviour design/change consultant. She is also a Medical journalist & writer, award winning smartphone film maker, meditation teacher and serial vol-entrepreneur. 

Her work and projects are inspired by and explores Health in a broader context to include the person within their family, social networks, technology and community. She is interested in exploring what makes us human, our relationships, connectedness, sustainability, diversity, creativity, dance, movement, and expressions of citizen narratives through experimental art, film, writing, spoken word, volunteering and social impact.

You can contact Dimple at dimpledevadas@gmail.com