What can I expect this year?

This year, we bring you the best-in-class speakers, leaders and influencers.

In addition, we are using a conference platform, Whova, which allows greater interaction between the speakers and us.

Will the workshops be recorded?

Some workshops will be recorded and made available after the conference via the Whova platform for three weeks after the event.

We will not hold workshops during contest speeches to give you the best chance to attend your favourite workshops.

Why do I have to pay for access?

We have consistently delivered the largest Toastmasters event in Europe for the past few years. Participants told us they had amazing experiences and great value for money.

This year will be no different. Our 2022 Conference theme is “Everything Is Possible”, and we have some surprises in the programme announced nearer the event.

You can look forward to:

World-class speakers and workshops that will inspire, educate and maybe shake up our previous conceptions

Greater interactivity and networking opportunities with our high-tech conference platform Whova ( which even has a photo booth).
And so much more!

To ensure we can deliver all this to you at the highest quality, we ask for a reasonable contribution from you.

Why do I need to register too?

Everybody attending the conference will have a conference profile. This will allow you to interact, via chat, within the conference, both before and after. You will be able to message other attendees and even set up online meetings with them. If you don’t want to use this feature, you can opt out at any time.

What is the refund policy?

No refunds will be given for this event.

Do I need to buy a ticket if I am competing?

If you are competing, please get in touch with your contest chair.

Whova Access

Whova access will be granted to the email with which you register and pay with. Please ensure you use an email address that is monitored and check your spam folders in case your welcome email is filtered.

Someone bought my ticket for me

If you are purchasing a ticket on behalf of someone else, please ensure you enter their email address into the fields during checkout. Duplicate emails will be automatically removed, which will cause a delay in providing access to the app.

Whova Notifications

The Whova system and app will automatically inform you about conference updates and your Toastmasters colleague’s activity. You may turn off notifications in your phone settings or unsubscribe at the bottom of Whova emails if you wish to opt out.

Whova Profile

All information uploaded to your Whova profile, including your email address, will be shared with other event guests in the attendee’s tab. By registering, you confirm your acceptance for this information to be communicated.

To change your name in Whova

Your Whova profile name will automatically reflect the name on the card with which you purchased your ticket. To change this, navigate to the “my profile section” (top left of the mobile app, top right of the web app) and edit your profile details as you prefer.