Brian Skelton

Distinguished Toastmaster & Area Director

Workshop: I Have A Voice

Brian supports and mentors people who stammer. He believes that by talking about his troubles and his life, it will help other people.

Key takeaway from his workshop:

  • Never give up
  • Push out your comfort zones
  • Take things a step at a time
  • Look for opportunity’s to help you to push yourself forward
  • Talking about things really help
  • Never be afraid to seek help

About Brian Skelton

Brian has had a stammer since he was a young boy and really struggled at school. He was in a Children’s home and has been bullied at school and as an Adult as well.

Brian went on a 3 day speech therapy course in 2005 when he was 51 and it really changed his life 2 years later he joined Toastmasters and gained his DTM 9 years later.

Brian helps and trains people who stammer and is a member of Kings Speakers and Excalibur Speakers.