Kristina Sharykina

Kristina Sharykina

Translator & LATAM Specialist

Keynote: Ride High!

Why do our everyday habits hold us back from achieving what we want? 

Often times we’re so comfortable where we are that changing something about ourselves engenders fear because it means changing our daily habitual behaviours. If we go too far down the scale, we stop riding the horse of our life and don’t give ourselves even a little opportunity to get what we want.

In this keynote, we’ll find out together what is the best way to stop relying on our everyday habits, unleash your inner power, adjust to new circumstances and… ride high!

About Kristina Sharykina

As a passionate and energetic person, Kristina has dedicated her professional life to the Spanish language. For the past 8 years, she has worked as a translator and LATAM specialist at the Embassy of Argentina in Moscow. Throughout her 6 years Toastmasters journey, she has enjoyed being a part of the English speaking club “Worldsurfers” as a Speaker, President, and VPE. She also founded Moscow’s first-ever Spanish speaking club ¡Viva! and previously served as Vice Area Director International Relations.

Her Toastmasters travel has given her a unique experience that’s helped to win different contests in Russia, like Evaluation, International Speech Contests and Table Topics as well as progress professionally and start her teaching Project “Español con Kristina”.