Pre-Conference Livestreams

These are our live streams delivered the week before the conference.

Sunday 25th - Opening Night - 8pm BST (GMT+1)

Curious about what goes on behind the scenes planning and setting up the D91 Online Conference? Interested in joining next year’s conference team?

Come join this informal panel soiree, where you can ask the 2021 Conference Team your questions on finance, marketing, technology, project management and many other topics.

Monday 26th - Zoom MasterClass - 8pm BST

Our very own Lord Zoom will be presenting  -Three levels of Zoom.

Personal Zoom
How you can make the most of the zoom platform as a user. We will look at the best settings for you to look and sound your best. What you should look for in a camera, in a microphone, in lighting.

Zoom an Event
Whether you are holding a club event, or company, or family. These are the zoom features to make your event ‘Boom with Zoom’.
Including breakout rooms, screen sharing and polls

Zoom at another level
What about running with more technology. What technology for making your even more interactive, lower thirds, screen overlay etc.
We look at some hardware and software options. 

John Drinkwater is in his third year of Toastmasters. He has served as Sergeant At Arms, VPPR and Club President. John is currently Assistant Division D Director and has been appointed as Technology Director for the D91 Online Conference, for the second year running.

Last year’s performance won him the 2019-20 District Toastmaster of the Year Award.

John, AKA Lord Zoom is known for his knowledge and experience innovating on Zoom, which he shares via webinars, training courses and videos. We are invited to join him at Epsom Speakers.

John is a strong advocate of Toastmasters. He links a 300% increase in his business over 2 years to the improvement in his content delivery from learning, practice and evaluation at Toastmasters.

Tuesday 27th - Improv anyone? - 8pm BST

Do you want to boost your creativity, train the mind for uncertainty but overall have a lot of fun?! Improvisation is a great way to develop listening, presentation, and communications skills and of course the more you practice the easier it becomes! 

The theme of the classes is ‘having a go’ and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.  You will play games and exercises which are designed to test, but remember everyone is in it together, we learn from each other and …most importantly we laugh together.

Annie is running 2 improv sessions, the first at the evening soiree on Tuesday 27 April and at the morning break time on Saturday 1 May.

Annie’s dream was to become a dancer and be on the stage, but life for her took a different path. With over 22 years’ experience as a recruitment and coaching consultant, Annie has spent most of her working life helping people with their careers. Working mostly within the creative fields she loves developing workshops and exercises and working with her clients to realise their growth and potential. 

Annie runs weekly improvisation classes – for more information please email

Wednesday 28th - Let's do social - 8pm BST

In this talk, you will get Top 5 Social Media Hacks for business, membership organisations & you, including:

    • Platforms
    • Lead generation: landing pages & creative, organic posts & video
    • Personal branding & events.

Attendees can expect to gain an insight around what works on different platforms and the best tools available on a shoestring budget.

  • Lead generation: landing pages & creative, organic posts & video
  • Personal branding & events.

Attendees can expect to gain an insight around what works on different platforms and the best tools available on a shoestring budget.

Vanessa founded Ad Lumin which provides consultancy to organisations in the finance, arts, and technology sectors after working in the information technology and services industry spanning several industries for two decades. Vanessa is Marketing / PR Ambassador and Vice Chair (interim) at Institute of Directors Central London and Honorary Membership Secretary at Aldgate Ward Club. 

She is passionate about social media marketing and digital marketing planning and implementation to stimulate interest in products or services to generate leads, engage audiences and optimise visibility and profile so organisations can attract the right customers. 

Vanessa holds an LLB from a Coventry University and owns a Jack Russell called Beetroot.

Wednesday 28th - The Impact of COVID - 8.30pm BST

Together we will explore the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Toastmasters, what it means for the organisation and where Toastmasters could go next in the coming few years.

Florian joined Toastmasters in April 2013 to overcome social anxiety and served on the District Leadership team since 2017. Florian has introduced many new initiatives to District 91 and led the District to become Distinguished in 2019/2020 as District Director. He credits Toastmasters for changing his life and now mentors Toastmaster leaders all over the world and runs his training company – Speak to Lead.

Thursday 29th - Time to Zumba - 8pm BST

Welcome cadets! I’m Simon Asaad, your humble Zumbajesty, the Sheikh of Shake! A new Zumbalution is rising! Come join my Zumba League and let’s take over the world Zumbrades, one dance party at a time. Zumba Squad Assemble!!!!  



Friday 30th - T'was the night before... - 8pm BST

Get in the mood for the conference with our Friday party. Bring a drink, a friend, your SOH and prepare to loosen up. Glen Savage, DTM (Dance To Music), will be the catalyst to ensure you have fun with music, TM themed dances, audience interaction with your tips for a good party, music quizzes and more. In the immortal words of Lady Gaga, ‘Let’s dance’.

Glen Savage, aka The Purple Speaker, is a multi-award winning public speaker, qualified public speaking teacher and voice coach, as well as a conference MC and workshop presenter.  He is the founder of Purple Speaking Academy. Why purple? Because it’s the colour of Passion, Power and Magic and that’s what he tries to bring to his clients and audiences.

He has a passion to help people to find their voice to inform, inspire and influence others with impact. He helps people to step up, speak clearly and stand out. An avid lover of stories and their power, Glen teaches the science and art of storytelling for speakers to help make a serious talk digestible and memorable.