Friday 6th May - Motivation

Start TimeEventSpeaker

17:00Flags, housekeeping, Whova top tips, pre-conference networking and the the journey so far of the D91 Great Gavel Race.  
17:30Opening CeremonyHelena Boden-Brewer/Rupa Datta

Keynote: The Ultimate Speaker

Dele will be sharing his journey through that great barrier - the fear of public speaking - and how finding his voice has led to his current life as a TV/ radio/Clubhouse commentator. The audience will see the crossover between his life as a public speaker and his work as an author, publisher and audiobook narrator and will hopefully be inspired to make the crossover too.

Dele Ogun
19:00Contest: Table TopicsChair: Sarah Brisley

Toastmasters can do Stand-Up Comedy (Because Everything is Possible)

Welcome to the best stand-up comedy night EVER! Sonia Aste will be hosting an incredible night of stand-up comedy, where six hilarious Toastmasters take to the stage with one objective: TO MAKE YOU LAUGH!  It promises to be fast, friendly and funny! We aim to bring our amazing live atmosphere online, all we need is your laughter!

Sonia Aste and Guests

Saturday 7th May - Inspiration

 Start TimeEventSpeaker

Fighting Fit FUNdamentals

The sessions will incorporate some of the fundamentals of kickboxing and will be suitable for all ages, abilities and fitness levels. In short, a fantastic way to start the day in a positive way!

Jess Roper

Keynote: Showing Resilience Through Adversity

Anthony takes audiences on a visual journey, through his near-death experience, after returning from a school trip to Disneyland Paris in 2006, that left him fighting for his life.  Given just a 10% chance of survival, Anthony now brings to light the importance of teamwork, saying “yes” to opportunities and how to stay motivated when times get tough. He brings to focus his fresh perspective on being alive and how post-traumatic growth has affected his day-to-day outlook on life.  

Anthony Bennett

Speak Up! The big Cs - Climate, Consumerism and Conflict

Rumana will be challenging our thinking around The Big Cs – Climate, Consumerism and Conflict’.

Rumana Kabir

Speak Up! Solving the Climate Crisis - Bridging the Complexity Gap

Erik will be discussing a thought-provoking, simple and practical path to the necessary emissions collapse.

Erik Dalhuijsen

Speak Up! Don't Diss Me

Trevor will be challenging us to think differently about those living with disabilities and dyslexia.

Trevor Henderson

Speak Up! Losing Weight is an inside job

Katy will be explaining why it is important to embrace our relationship with food and what it means to truly nourish our body and soul.

Katy Landis

Speak Up! The Fight for Fairer Funding

David will be speaking about how under-represented entrepreneurs of all genders overcome the barriers they face when raising capital.

David Horne
 13:00Lunch and Networking 

Keynote: How to Uncover the Glory of Your Story™

Pres will deliver his interactive storytelling keynote workshop How to Uncover the Glory of Your Story™ and reveal the most powerful storytelling secrets. We will have the chance to engage in a dynamic discussion with Pres, explore the secrets in his winning World Championship speech and learn how to craft our own compelling stories!

Pres Vasilev
 15:15International Speech ContestChair: Amy Jones
 17:30Close of Day's eventsDebbie Williams
 10:00 to 13:00District Council Meeting 


Start TimeEventSpeaker

Online Entertainment

Music and moves, inspiring beats and tunes.

Paddy Range and Massimo Guadagnino
20:00Hall of Fame live-streamed from LondonTom Gray, Paddy Range, Massimo Guadagnino
20:45 to 22:00

Online Entertainment

Get dancing under the guidance and tuition of salsa teacher Massimo.

Paddy Range and Massimo Guadagnino

The District 91 team is holding an In-Person Saturday Evening Event in London open to all Toastmasters. Click here for more information and to book 

Sunday 8th May - Education

 Start TimeEventSpeaker

Fighting Fit FUNdamentals

This session will incorporate some of the fundamentals of kickboxing and will be suitable for all ages, abilities and fitness levels. In short, a fantastic way to start the day positively!

Jess Roper

Workshop: The Introvert Advantage: Leading in this Loud, Loud World

During the workshop, Diane will explain how we can overcome our natural shyness and lack of confidence to realise our inner potential and become more than the person we currently are. She will be debunking myths about introversion, looking at how we can use our personality traits to our advantage, and reviewing the science around the leadership potential of introverts.

Diana Robertson

Workshop: The Wizardry of Wordcraft

In this interactive workshop, we will play creatively with words and phrases, weaving them like a wizard as we learn more about the magic maze of wordcraft. We will discover how to develop more authority and impact when we speak, as Glen delivers tips on how to submerge our audience into an ocean of emotion. A firm believer in the power of words to woo, wow and weave wonder, Glen will demonstrate how to use them to improve our speeches, leaving us with the ability to use words to inform, influence and inspire our audience.

Glen Savage
 10:30Break and Networking 
 10:45Contest: EvaluationChair: Charlotte Hitchings

Panel Discussion: Leaders of Tomorrow, Today

In this panel discussion, chair Steve Birch and panellists will discuss the need for Youth Leadership to be a part of every school curriculum. As young people will become the leaders of tomorrow, there is a need for these life skills to be learnt when the brain is like a sponge thirsting for knowledge.

Steve Birch, Alistair Barton, Gagan Singh, Janette Winnick, Dr Julie Kertesz, Geoff Richardson
 14:00Contest: Humorous Speaking ContestChair: Gillian Prior
 16:15Closing Ceremony

Workshop: Hitchhiker's Guide to Digital Marketing

This workshop will provide an introduction to and an overview of all things digital marketing. Rebecca will be covering channels, tools and best practices, notably concerning ethics and law in marketing.

Rebecca Eumorfopoulos

"And the winner is… none of these panellists!” How to learn, grow and bounce back from losing

In this panel discussion, chaired by Freddie Daniells, we will hear from three of our own successful Toastmasters - Sonia Aste, Simon Bucknall and Errol Williamson -  and how they failed their way to success. We will listen to their stories of failure, learn how they found the courage to carry on, hear advice on coping with our own failures both in Toastmasters and beyond, and how they ultimately turned their failure into their successes.

Simon Bucknall,
Errol Williamson,
Sonia Aste,
Freddie Daniells
 10:30Break - Return to stage one for Evaluation Contest 

Panel Discussion: Making the most from Mentoring

Andy and the panelists will share their mentoring experiences in this panel discussion. From the support they received as new members and the benefits they gained to how their mentors inspired and motivated them to greater achievements personally, to starting new clubs, and growing into leadership roles, and how those skills can be applied in the “real world”. Panellists will also discuss how the two Pathways projects, Introduction to Toastmasters Mentoring and Advanced Mentoring, can enhance your members’ experience and help your club to be more successful. There will be the opportunity for the audience to ask the panel questions and share their own experiences of mentoring.

Andy Hammond, Paul Rhys-Jones, Rick Cooper, Dennise Hilliman 
 14:45Break - Return to stage one for Humorous Speaking ContestSimon Bucknall,
Errol Williamson,
Sonia Aste,
Freddie Daniells