Alpesh Patel

UK Government Dealmaker

Workshop: How Women And Ethnic Minorities Would Revolutionise Economic Growth – So Why Don’t They?

In this workshop, Alpesh makes data dance by bringing it to life; he collides the mind boggling stats on economic growth, wealth creation and social justice that explode, inspire, and uplift so many, if women and ethnic minorities succeeded and participated in growth at the same rate as other groups.

So why don’t they? What are the forces holding things back for all of society? Are they malevolent or voluntary?

About Alpesh Patel

Alpesh Patel is one of the world’s leading authorities in investing globally and entrepreneurship; he is a CEO, an International best-selling Financial Times Author, TV presenter. Channel 4 TV called him the ‘UK’s best known online trader’ and Financial Times said he is ‘Top FTSE 100 forecaster’.

He knows what makes companies successful and shows people how to invest. The UK Prime Minister appointed him to advise on UK-India ties. For the UK Government, as their Dealmaker, Alpesh finds exceptional tech entrepreneurs to solve the world’s biggest problems. He is a former Visiting Fellow at Oxford University on Business and received the OBE in 2020 for services to the Economy and International Trade.

He is an FCA regulated fund manager in Private Equity/Hedge Fund. Alpesh’s mission is to teach people to make money to solve big problems.