Andrew Griffiths

Andrew Griffiths

Sustainability & Technology Specialist

Workshop: Let’s Talk About Sustainability

With the exponential rise of sustainability interest all spheres, public speakers are increasingly being asked to touch on the subject in talks across any and all themes, whether or not it’s within their area of expertise.

This session will equip you with your sustainability cheat sheet of striking statistics, notable quotables and hard-hitting punchlines that will send your audiences reeling and give them hope for a brighter future.

About Andrew Griffiths

Andrew’s passion lies at the intersection of sustainability, communities and technology. By day he is Director of Digital & Community for PlanetMark, a sustainability certification for organisations, real estate and products. By night he Chairs the Institute of Directors National Sustainability Taskforce, plays his part as Founder of the Sustaineers community and co-hosts workshops with Disney’s former Head of Innovation & Creativity. 

Andrew is a firm believer that this decade will prove the most important turning point in human history which will determine the very future of our species.