Anita Ramanathan

Science Communicator, Neuroscientist

Workshop: Storytelling With Data - Transform Numbers To Narratives

Numbers can reveal fascinating insights. Big decisions are now made based on data. Yet, when we communicate, we often default to sharing information without highlighting the meaning behind those numbers or the impact it can have. Contrary to popular belief, the data does not speak for itself — it needs you.

Compelling trends and intriguing observations remain inconsequential until you transform these numbers into a cohesive narrative. Your audience may not remember the data, but they’ll always remember a data story.

If you need to communicate data and numbers at work but struggle to make it engaging, don’t miss Anita’s content-packed workshop. You’ll learn how to make data storytelling your secret superpower:

  • Discover how to package data-driven facts into a memorable message
  • Uncover real stories buried under data
  • Find the right balance between facts, data, and stories
  • Evolve from simply sharing numbers to actually demonstrating your expertise

About Anita Ramanathan

If your response to the question, ‘So, what exactly do you do?’ is a heavy sigh, you need to attend one of Anita’s sessions.

Anita Ramanathan is an award-winning speaker who delivers high-value, energetic and actionable workshops on how to communicate sophisticated ideas, especially in the science and tech industry. She once wore gloves and examined brain sections as a neuroscientist before becoming a science communicator. In her capacity as a science writer/editor, she uncovered and crafted hundreds of stories buried under numbers, data and dry facts.

Anita’s unique journey gives her an excellent perspective on the real challenges that professionals face when communicating their technical message effectively—and with integrity.

Through her company, Word Cortex, Anita helps professionals bridge the gap between doing the work and communicating its worth, one talk at a time. When she’s not speaking or writing, Anita is probably busy doing serious research on storytelling… by binge-watching Netflix.