Artem Mushin-Makedonskiy

Story Gatherer and HR Consultant

Workshop: Professional Human Being. How To Thrive By Being Your True Self

In a rapidly changing world, what you do doesn’t get you special anymore and doesn’t help you get your message out there — whatever you do, there will always be 5 people doing it in the same area. And if there are none — that’s not going to last. 

But there is a way to be unique and at the same time authentic and true to your roots, because if there is one job that’s not going to fade with progress, it’s the job of a professional human being. 

In this workshop we will discover what makes every human truly unique and helps get our message across in a non-manipulative way. We will do a short practice with a volunteer and afterwards you’ll receive a digital tool to help you find your unique way of being a professional human. 

Finding and telling a story doesn’t require public speaking skills — everyone can do that with a little bit of effort and knowledge. The key lies in noticing small events happening to you instead of looking for Big Audacious Hero’s journey-like episodes:

  • The stories we live and tell make us unique and connect us to others more than anything else
  • In times of crisis everything can crumble, but the stories we experienced and the meanings we carry on from them are very sturdy matter
  • Your stories are keys to telling the world what you do, what is important to you, why you do the things you do
  • Your stories are unique because the experience of every human being is unique by nature

About Artem Mushin-Makedonskiy

Artem Mushin-Makedonskiy is consultant, who uses the power of story to boost business results and help people feel human at work. Artem is working as a board member to the «Storytelling In Organizations» international group and as a founder of Academy Historia, the first Russian storytelling consulting agency.

His passion is helping people find episodes and moment in your life that help convey why you do the things you do, what you value and what you stand for. 

Artem has helped 100+ companies both in Russia and internationally to find a good and ethical use for stories in leadership, HR, training, sales, branding and much more.