Binal Sawjani

Managing Director - Sales, Marketing, PR

Workshop: Make Listening Your Superpower!

When other people talk, do you listen to what they mean, or do you just hear what they say? 

Listening is a much more active skill than some may think. Effective listening requires techniques for receiving, organising, and interpreting what has been said. 

This workshop will help participants recognise and develop these skills, facilitating successful communication. Binal will be challenging your listening skills and demonstrate that maybe we do not do this as well as we think!

About Binal Sawjani

As a distinguished toastmaster, Binal is a sought-after speaker within her specialist area of inspiring confidence in public speaking. 

Among the many clubs and projects Binal has been involved with over her time with Toastmasters, she is particularly keen to promote active listening, positive body language, impromptu speaking and speaking online. These projects have been developed into workshops that she is keen to promote to the wider world, external to the Toastmaster community. 

Binal also runs a ‘Confident Speakers’ lunchtime and an ’Online Orators’ speaking group that enables members to communicate confidently, especially within a professional, corporate environment.