Erica D'Eramo

Diversity & Inclusion Specialist

Workshop: Diversity, Equity And Inclusion: Then And Now

In this workshop, you hear from Diversity & Inclusion Specialist Erica’s front-line experience: 
  • Examination of the evolving understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion in the face of #MeToo, Black Lives Matter and the pandemic
  • Discussion of the setbacks we’ve faced over the course of the pandemic
  • Dialogue focused on the advancements that have been made
  • Exploration of “what’s next” in the diversity, equity and inclusion space

About Erica D’Eramo

Throughout her nearly two decades in the energy industry, Erica witnessed first-hand the challenges of being one of the few women in her field. Whether working in the field or the office, domestically or internationally, she’s continued to encounter organisations with great intentions around diversity, equity and inclusion that struggle with effective implementation. She’s also seen plenty of missed opportunities to better equip employees for the environments they’d face. 

Erica brings a rare combination of real world front-line experience, deep business acumen and academic credentials. She has been invited to speak at U.S. Military Academy at West Point, Penn State, and Rice University.

Erica founded Two Piers Consulting PBC to help create diverse, equitable and inclusive work environments by supporting both individuals and organisations in fully accessing their talent and potential.