James Adeleke

Social Entrepreneur and Founder of Generation Success

Workshop: The 5 Factors That Stop Diverse Talent Succeeding

We live in an unfair society, especially for the 93% of people who do not benefit from attending private school. Statistics show that our success is not defined by our ambition, drive or ability to get back up from knock backs. The biggest factor to career success is the family we are born into.

This workshop will provide you with the thinking tools to understand how your organisation can rectify the inequalities within a person career.

You will learn:

  • The five key factors that impact social mobility
  • Understand the different parts of a candidate/employee journey
  • The social mobility factors that put diverse talent on the back foot at each stage of their journey

Once you are aware of what they are, it becomes easier to put in interventions that will increase the employment and retention of diverse staff within your organisation.

About James Adeleke

Nigerian Born, Dyslexic Social entrepreneur James Adeleke is on a mission to change the world (at least to make it fairer).

He is CEO and Founder of Generation Success, an award-winning social enterprise that works with 70 employers in the UK and the Republic of Ireland to tackle the social inequalities in society and connect diverse talent to careers. This is delivered through their diversity and inclusion consultancy, training and early talent recruitment services.

James started Generation Success after the London riots. Rising from the riots came a desire to be part of the change. Driving by the fundamental belief, your career should not be defined by your birth and witnessing the struggle that many of his contemporaries in law school faced in their careers, due to social or economic background James set about taken action.

He has been involved in a number of projects, reports and commissions centred around enterprise and employability. He has also spoken in parliament and city hall on social mobility, diversity and employability.

He is passionate about creating a world where we all have equal access and equal opportunities to achieving our career aspirations. James has formed a first-class advisory board and management team to help him achieve his mission. He thrives on motivating others, building productive relationships and creating effective strategies to support the success of stakeholders with whom he works with.