Jessica Breitenfeld

Facilitator, Therapist, Elevator Pitch Coach

Workshop: Adapt IQ: A Three-Step Mindset For Better Relationships

The experienced trainer learns a 3-step model to get buy-in faster. The leader gets insights into self-mastery, and team players will leave with specific ‘Serious Games’ to bring back to make their teams more adaptable, more creative and more fun.

In this workshop, you will learn about this 3-step LAB Experience model that inspires, shifts mentalities and trains a collaboration mindset:

  • Listen
  • Accept
  • Build

Key takeaways:

  1. Tool: How to create a buy-in for Collaboration early in the workshop to ensure more effort and introspection from participants
  2. Processes: Experience the Positive Mental Mindset immediately, feeling the internal emotional shift you can later teach your teams in 3 easy steps
  3. Relevant new research: A sizable industry will emerge to boost our Adaptability Intelligence, and we cannot afford to remain ignorant – so I show the tricks used by therapists to help clients dig deeper to create lasting change
  4. Techniques: Enhances your range of facilitation skills and self-leadership because you can take them deeper in effective conversations quickly

About Jessica Breitenfeld

Jessica, CC, Division International Speech contest 2020, is President of the Spreeredner club in Berlin and since 2017 has been doing Community Building at La Caixa, Damm, Maersk, B Braun & H&M etc. in Barcelona. She believes there is ‘No Professional development without personal development! ‘ and all her workshop are about humor, trust and adaptive teams. 

She has delivered this workshop live & online for TM District Conferences: 107, 110, 59, 95, 8, 107, 106 and 06, for the International Association of Facilitators, and SIETAR (intercultural research and education).

She is a Therapist who uses Play to help people become their best. Jessica is also a volunteer Hospital clown and Elevator Pitch Coach.