Linda Larsen

CPAE® Hall of Fame Funny Speaker

Keynote: The Life-Changing Gift of YOU!

What engages the people in your audience? What hooks them at the very beginning and makes them want to lean in to you, silence all distractions and give you their full undivided attention? It’s…well…YOU. The real, authentic, vulnerable, funny, smart, determined, searching, discovering YOU!

In this fun, fast-paced, “aha-filled” keynote, Speaker Hall of Fame presenter, Linda Larsen, pulls back the curtain and helps you fully appreciate the absolute MAGIC power that you possess to positively influence your audience.

About Linda Larsen

Linda Larsen has been speaking professionally for (ahem) a looooooooong time and, as she says, along the way learned some pretty amazing things. She worked for 6 years as a trainer and speaker for an international training company (earning the #1 spot for back of room sales 3 years in a row), a facilitator for Stephen Covey’s full day course, First Things First, and a trial consultant and CLE provider for lawyers, law schools and legal groups around the U.S.

In 2016, Linda was inducted into the prestigious CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame® along with only 247 other people world-wide. She credits her love of stage and the extreme value of comedy with her 20+ year experience as a professional film, television and stage actress performing everything from Shakespeare to Shaw to Simon. Her very first “second job” in life, when she was 19 years old working in the daytime as a secretary, was as a go-go dancer in a nightclub. From that fun experience she learned the value of wearing shoes that don’t kill your feet. She has spoken for more than 1,500 groups world-wide including one memorable presentation to a group of 17,000 teenagers at a Future Farmers of America convention. That was over 15 years ago and she says she still has nightmares about it.