Lyn Roseaman

Lyn Roseaman

Author & Public Speaking Expert

Workshop: Take Some Time To Shine Online

A year or so ago, we were all cast adrift with video as our life raft.

Suddenly we all had a voice, and we all had a platform, but we had to learn a whole new way of communicating. It wasn’t long before expressions such as Zoom fatigue and Teams tedium started to creep into our conversations, while people helplessly became victims of the technology.

Moreover, the main questions still on so many lips are:

  • How do I keep people engaged online?
  • How do I read the room when I can’t see people properly?
  • How do I land my message?

The volume of digital chat continues to rise, while the ability to be heard gets harder and harder, even at Toastmasters. Research shows you need to nail three speaking essentials to stand out and make a difference – Confidence, Connection and Change.

In this interactive workshop, we’ll explore how to:

  • Generate confident energy online to create interest and focus
  • Connect with, and engage, your audience so they don’t zone out
  • Ensure you always have a message that’s relevant, memorable and drives change

About Lyn Roseaman

Lyn Roseaman DTM, is a bestselling author, international speaker, public speaking expert and founder of Now You’re Talking, a coaching business that ensures people find their voice and transform their lives. Following a successful international career as a market research director, Lyn knows what makes people tick.

Now she brings that understanding to public speaking, helping busy people build their confidence and create powerful stories and
narratives that deliver maximum relevance and impact to today’s key target audiences.

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