Niko Kavakiotis

Siemens IoT Sales Executive & Executive Coach

Workshop: Sell With A Story

“To sell is human” said Daniel Pink. We are all “selling” since the day we are born. Someone could say we are born with natural sales skills… but then something goes wrong. 

The term “sales person” is either getting a bad connotation (aggressive manipulator who wants to sell you “stuff” you do not need) or becomes something so remote and complex that sounds more like a cult (special sales skills is the next closest to “magic skills”). 

Despite the best high-tech sales tools out there, the most personal method still works best: STORIES!!! You can throw all kinds of stats and facts, features and benefits of products, timelines and big dollar mounts, but sales stories draw people in, and actually engage them (as opposed to death by power point). 

The purpose of this workshop is to expose participants to a method of using storytelling narratives in their sales approach, increasing thus the chances of connecting with their audience / customers and eventually closing a sale.

Niko will share the key elements of a great story, and work with all the participants so that by the end of the workshop they have all created (if they want) the first structure of a sales story, which they should be able to use in their professional (or not) environments.

This is NOT an academic workshop! This is a “learn-and-do-on-the-fly” workshop. It requires an open mind that will embrace a heretic concept: that WE ARE ALL SALES PEOPLE!

About Niko Kavakiotis

Niko is the Head of Enlighted Northern Europe, a Siemens IoT company, specializing in amplifying human capabilities by giving buildings perception. Niko’s is in charge of devising the strategy and delivering the sales plan of Enlighted for 7 countries in Northern Europe.

Niko has lived and worked in many countries and continents and for the last 10 years is managing multicultural and multilingual teams with a strong focus and track record on sales.

He has an Electrical & Electronics Engineering degree from the Democritus University of Thrace (Greece), and an MBA from the University of Notre Dame (USA). He is a Certified Energy Manager (CEM™), a Certified Executive Coach from the Association of Coaching, a Distinguished Toastmaster and a Fulbright scholar… but most importantly: he is a Toastmasters evangelist, with a passion for Sales and a natural aptitude for storytelling.