Olga Rudakova

Finance Professional & Visual Storyteller

Workshop: Storytelling With Business Data

Why do we create bad charts and ineffective visuals? Why do we tell exciting stories in Toastmasters, but keep showing boring sets of numbers at work presentations?

In this workshop, you will learn how to apply storytelling principles to your business data. Olga combines her experience from corporate finance, big data startup and Toastmasters with storytelling principles and elements of cognitive psychology to provide you with a recipe for the best business chart.

Learn how to shift from just showing the data to visual storytelling!

About Olga Rudakova

Olga Rudakova is a finance professional, toastmaster and visual storyteller. Olga is passionate about data insights and data visualisation. 

Over ten years of corporate career in PwC, Tesco and Mars, she was supporting businesses towards data-driven decision making through financial analysis.