Paul Imre​

Data Science Speaker & Debater

Workshop: Why Get On The Bus

Congratulations, you’ve joined Toastmasters, you’ve delivered a few speeches, and perhaps without fully knowing it, you have been treading the path towards exceptional leadership. What you say and do can have a real impact, but what about your reach and just how far could your influence extend? 

The answer to this question has been debated many times, well before the current generation of Simon Sinek and the so-called social media influencers. The ancients could move mountains with the right words and actions.

Born in the 5th Century BCE, Sun Tzu gave us a maxim: “Management of many is the same as management of few; it is a matter of organization”. Come along to our keynote to discover the wisdom behind Sun Tzu’s thoughts and how they relate to the high-performance teams of today. 

With the knowledge we will impart, you too could be lighting fires to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Just imagine for one second if there were no limits to what you could get accomplished with a team you had unleashed.

If we have piqued your interest, get on the bus and don’t miss this talk.

About Paul Imre

Paul joined Toastmasters in September 2016, and before he could blink, he found himself as club president of Chiltern Speakers. The decision to take on the role came after his mentor, Rupe Mann, sold him on the idea. Paul was initially sceptical but has not looked back since. Being a president opened doors for him. Very soon, he had helped put on debates, with 104 London Debaters, and external events with Microsoft, Verizon and Oracle corporate clubs. Some of you might remember the AI breakfast at the Bracknell conference in 2018 as an example of multiple clubs coming together to produce incredible results.

At one point, Paul was a member of three clubs with a focus on turning around the Data Science Speakers club with Joanne Stokes and Monika Swiderska. The club went from 3 to 10 DCP points in a year. He recently helped put on TechMasters with the team at Data Science Speakers. TechMasters was a Swiderska brainchild which had the vision to put on a tech conference with a Toastmasters spin. His latest engagement is to act as a club Coach to Google UK Speakers.