Pedro Casillas

Pedro Casillas

Performance and Training Lead

Workshop: Fear Of Speaking In Public…..…? Not A Problem Now That James Brown Is Back In Town!

In this workshop, you will learn:
  • Feel that fear…and tell it to go away
  • Coffee time – how to be cool and calm in an instant
  • James Brown is in the house and I’m ready to bring the house down!

Key takeaway from this workshop:

  1. Practical skills to help you over come the fear of speaking in front of any sized audience
  2. How to prepare yourself to speak
  3. How to deal with last minute doubts
  4. How to get yourself into peak state, so that your audience will be applauding and calling for MORE, MORE!

About Pedro Casillas

Over the past 20+ years, Pedro has run his own IT company, serving as Company Director and delivering services such as IT Training, Project Management and Performance management. He has a driving principle, which is, to quote Peter Drucker: “To elicit extraordinary performances from ordinary people.”

Since he joined Toastmasters, he has been looking to help grow Toastmasters everywhere he can. At club level, he has encouraged clubs to establish good working practices where everyone works together to create an environment where all can excel.

He applied similar principles when he was District Director, with the promotion of quality being at the top – from well-run clubs, to well-run Areas and Divisions, leading to future growth.