Prof. Lucy Rogers

Inventor with a Sense of Fun

Workshop: Innovation Needs Creativity: Seven Tips To Help You Be More Creative

Do you see yourself as naturally creative? If not, don’t worry. Creativity is a skill and can be trained.
Lucy is renown for her creativity – and yet doesn’t see herself as naturally creative. Using examples of recent innovations, including her own, such as boots that change colour when you tweet them and robot dinosaurs at a theme park, Lucy will explain her thoughts on what creativity is. She will also share seven tips to help improve your creativity.

Ideal for those who don’t think of themselves as “naturally creative or innovative”.

About Lucy Rogers

Professor Lucy Rogers PhD is an inventor with a sense of fun. She is a Royal Academy of Engineers Visiting Professor of Engineering Creativity and Communication at Brunel University, London; a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and she is adept at bringing ideas to life, from robot dinosaurs to mini-mannequins and even a fartometer for IBM!

She has developed her creativity and communication skills and shares her tricks and tools with others. She is the presenter of a couple of STEM Podcasts and (before shutdown) was sought after as an awards host and emcee of events and also as an inventor on TV and radio.