Reena Dayal

Author & Leadership Accelerator

Workshop: Reveal Your Brilliance

As disruption and unpredictability unfolds before us, an opportunity has been created for individuals to recognise, develop and reveal their brilliance.

For those who dare, this is an exciting time to dream and stretch themselves beyond their current abilities. The questions are:

  • What should you focus on to unlock your hidden potential and reveal your brilliance?
  • What is the 20% you must get right to get 80% results in being the best version of you?
  • How can you be resilient in the face of such chaos and reinvent yourself?

Reena will unlock 5 powerful ways in a narrative that will change your life and how you live it.

About Reena Dayal

Reena Dayal is the Chair of The Institute of Directors Central London, author of The Brilliance Quotient, Executive Coach for Corporate executives and SME entrepreneurs and, co-founder of the only one of its kind Amplenary Academy for Entrepreneurs. She has tremendous expertise and insights supporting leaders and organisations during disruption, helping them pivot using a unique Leadership Accelerator methodology. 

Her mission – Transform the world, One Leader at a time.