Vanessa Dal Busco

Marketing & PR Ambassador

Workshop: How To Effectively Grow and Maintain Strong Communities on Social Media

In this workshop, you will learn: 

  • The mother of all invention: One way to get 64k impressions on social media 
  • Branding & purpose
  • Transformation & team (content / taskforce / technology)
  • Challenges & lessons learned
  • Diversity & other opportunities
  • Measurement & the future

About Vanessa Dal Busco

Vanessa founded Ad Lumin which provides consultancy to organisations in the finance, arts, and technology sectors after working in the information technology and services industry spanning several industries for two decades. Vanessa is Marketing / PR Ambassador and Vice Chair (interim) at Institute of Directors Central London and Honorary Membership Secretary at Aldgate Ward Club. 

She is passionate about social media marketing and digital marketing planning and implementation to stimulate interest in products or services to generate leads, engage audiences and optimise visibility and profile so organisations can attract the right customers. 

Vanessa holds an LLB from a Coventry University and owns a Jack Russell called Beetroot.