The Speakers

Pres Vasilev


 2013 World Champion of Public Speaking

Pres will deliver his interactive storytelling keynote workshop How to Uncover the Glory of Your Story™ and reveal the most powerful storytelling secrets. We will have the chance to engage in a dynamic discussion with Pres, explore the secrets in his winning World Championship speech and learn how to craft our own compelling stories!

Pres rose above 30,000 competitive speakers from 122 countries to become the 2013 World Champion of Public Speaking. He is the author of the award-winning online training program “How to Master Compelling Storytelling.” Pres has coached hundreds of speakers from around the world to craft compelling stories, deliver powerful presentations, and win speech contests.

To watch a video about his session click here.

To learn more about Pres, visit his website:  

Dele Ogun

Dele’s speech is titled: ”The Ultimate Speaker”. He will be sharing his personal journey through that great barrier – the fear of public speaking – and sharing how finding his voice has led to his current life as a TV/ radio/Clubhouse commentator.

The audience will see the crossover between my life as a public speaker and my work as an author, publisher and audiobook-narrator and will hopefully be inspired to make the crossover too.

Born in Nigeria, Dele came to the UK as a seven-year-old with no English and a fear of speaking in public.  He grew up in Islington, read law at university (after having discovered he had no love for science or mathematics) and went on to qualify as a barrister in 1985, working for leading City firms Price Waterhouse Coopers and Hogan Lovells before setting up his own law firm, Akin Palmer LLP in 1997.

A Toastmaster ‘Advanced Speaker Gold’, Dele has been a member of Early Birds for over 12 years and is a previous VP Mentoring.

Dele is the self-appointed president of the Fatherland Group, a global network of Nigerians, and is a committee member at the Whitefriars Club, the oldest private dining club in the country.  And although he is now retired from playing football for the Mill Hill Ballers Club, his “genius for the sport” (his words) encouraged his former team-mates there to make him the club’s life-president.

You can find out more about Dele and and watch his speech Author of “A Fatherless People” at the “People’s Pledge EU Referendum Congress” and Dele Ogun Live and Direct on Clubhouse (audio only platform).

Anthony Bennett

Anthony Bennett is delivering a keynote speech entitled ‘Showing Resilience Through Adversity. He is a motivational speaker who takes audiences on a visual journey, bringing to light the importance of teamwork, saying “yes” to opportunities, and advising on how to stay motivated when times get tough. The seed of his inspiration to become a motivational speaker was his survival of a near-death experience following a school trip to Disneyland Paris in 2006. This left him fighting for his life at Great Ormond Street Hospital with only a 10% chance of survival. Nevertheless, his recovery brought a new perspective on what it means to be alive. He discusses how post-traumatic growth has affected his day-to-day outlook on life in his speeches.

Rebecca Eumorfopoulos


Rebecca Eumorfopoulos, founder of the digital marketing and communications agency Mill Stream Marketing, will be delivering a speech at the D91 Conference in May entitled ‘A Hitchhiker’s Guide To Digital Marketing’.

The workshop will provide an introduction to, and an overview of, all things digital marketing.  She will be covering channels, tools and best practices, particularly with regard to ethics and law in marketing.

With over 12 years marketing experience, and a love of working with SMEs, small business owners and start-ups, Rebecca currently advises clients in the healthcare, education and technology industries (B2B and B2C).  Her own agency was founded to help mental health professionals, clinics and psychology organisations with their digital marketing and communications.

In her spare time, Rebecca enjoys running, kayaking and Irish folk-singing.


Glen Savage

Multi award-winning public speaker, Glen Savage (aka The Purple Speaker) will be presenting a workshop at the D91 Conference entitled ‘The Wizardry Of Wordcraft’, at 9.45am on Sunday, 8th May.


A qualified public-speaking teacher and voice coach, as well as a conference MC and workshop presenter, Glen is also the founder of the Purple Speaking Academy, where he aims to instil in his clients the passion, power and magic embodied by the colour purple.

In this interactive workshop, you will play creatively with words and phrases, weaving them like a wizard as you learn more about the magic maze of wordcraft.  You will discover how to develop more authority and impact when you speak, as Glen delivers tips on how to submerge your audience into an ocean of emotion.


A firm believer in the power of words to woo, wow and weave wonder, he will demonstrate how to use them to improve your speeches, leaving you with the ability to use words to inform, influence and inspire your audience.

Glen describes himself as helping people to step up, speak clear and stand out, and is currently writing a book on storytelling for speakers and leaders.

“The Lecternologist” speech 

The Tantric Toastmaster” speech

Diana Robertson

Award-winning speaker and communication skills trainer Diana Robertson will be hosting a workshop entitled ‘The Introvert Advantage: Leading In This Loud, Loud World’

During the workshop, she will be explaining how we can overcome our natural shyness and lack of confidence to realise our inner potential, to become more than the person that we currently are.  She will be debunking myths about introversion, looking at how we can use our personality traits to our advantage, and reviewing the science around the leadership potential of introverts.

Diana overcame her own shyness and introversion to become the founder of the Skillsme Academy, which has been described as a ‘virtual school for introverts’.  She is devoted to helping people to develop the communication skills required to achieve more out of life; be it getting through a difficult job interview, acing that awkward first date, or even successfully pitching for investment.

In the words of Albus Dumbledore, the wise teacher and magician in the Harry Potter books, a character created by JK Rowling, herself an introvert, “It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be”.


David B Horne


Chartered accountant, business-growth consultant and bestselling author David B Horne will be giving a talk entitled ‘The Fight For Fairer Funding’, at the Speak-Up Session at the D91 Conference in May.

David is the founder of both Add Then Multiply, a consultancy for business founders looking to grow their companies, and Funding Focus, a social enterprise which helps female and under-represented entrepreneurs of all genders to overcome the barriers they face when raising capital.

His Amazon #1 best-selling book, Add Then Multiply – How small businesses can think like big businesses and achieve exponential growth, won the Business Self-Development category at the Business Book Awards 2020.

David was CFO of two companies listed on London’s Alternative Investment Market, where he raised over £100,000,000 in funding and bought or sold more than 20 companies.

His second book, Funded Female Founders, is due to be published this spring.

Rumana Kabir

Rumana is a development practitioner who has spent much of her career working globally in conflict, emergency and development contexts.  She will be delivering a Speak-Up Session at the Toastmasters D91 Conference in May, entitled The 3C’s Climate, Consumerism and Conflict

After starting her career as an architect and researcher in Bangladesh, Rumana subsequently became an aid worker for Oxfam, Save the Children and other charities.  Following this, she went on to become a consultant for the United Nations and the World Bank, where she assisted governments in disaster-prone countries on delivering housing, community development projects and disaster-risk governance strategies.

Rumana currently works as a civil servant in the UK and is a part-time lecturer at a number of different universities worldwide.

Katy Landis

Nutritionist and life-coach Katy Landis will be giving a talk entitled ‘Losing Weight Is An Inside Job’, at the Speak-Up Session at the D91 Conference in May.

She will be looking at addictions to certain foods and behaviours, and discussing how getting to our natural, most healthy weight is not just about nutrition.  She will be examining the psychology behind our eating habits and addressing the root causes behind emotional eating, explaining why it is important to embrace our relationship with food, and what it means to truly nourish our body and soul.

Trevor Henderson

Trevor has been inspired to change the lives of adults with disabilities since 2017, a moment in his life that led to him discovering his own dyslexia in his 50s. Trevor runs regular workshops for people with dyslexia and is motivated by seeing them overcome their negative beliefs and achieve dreams they never thought possible. Trevor is determined to improve the presentation skills of educators and professionals so they can connect with diverse minds and he believes that the power of the spoken word is the most effective means of communication to initiate change.

Trevor says that Toastmasters has given him the communication skills he needs to achieve this. 

Eric Dalhuijsen

Erik Dalhuijsen is transition consultant, physicist, petroleum engineer, climate change activist, sustainability engineer and an avid ocean sailor.

His affinity for the technical side of complex problems guided his international career on technical and integrated petroleum developments, carbon capture and storage, and one-off solutions. Since co-founding Aberdeen Climate Action in 2014, Erik has become deeply involved with energy and sustainability transition, and intimately familiar with many blockers to an effective climate response.

Combining his experience resolving technical complexity under the bias of market forces while acknowledging political drivers, Erik dedicates himself to implementing effective, achievable, just and (r)evolutionary solutions to the climate crisis.

In his Speak Up! talk titled “Solving the Climate Crisis – Bridging the Complexity Gap” he will discuss a thought-provoking, simple and practical path to the necessary emissions collapse.

Freddie Daniells



Freddie Daniells, DTM, is a Past District 71 Governor, a past District Evaluation contest finalist, helps senior Toastmasters get elected to the Toastmasters Board of Directors, and has delivered workshops to over 7,000 toastmasters in both Evaluations and writing speeches for the International Speech Contest across the UK and Europe. He is currently VPE at Excalibur Speakers. Professionally, he is an occasional Speech Coach having worked with senior executives at organisations such as Google, Citi, and Ernst and Young.

Sonia Aste

Sonia, winner of the UK & Ireland Toastmasters International Speech Contest 2019 is a Harvard-educated engineer who speaks five languages, she worked in global telecommunications and finance in Silicon Valley before changing her life to become a full-time writer and comedienne. Her show, which she has performed at corporate events across the UK, Europe and Latin America, will often include doing the splits and double back somersaults, even a one-hand cartwheel. 

Sonia will be no stranger to some of us, as her blog ‘The Laughing Toastmaster’ appears in the Toastmasters District 91 newsletter and on its website.

“She used humor to point out an issue and immediately captured the audience. That was powerful.” – Marc Brown – Toastmasters International World Champion.

Errol Williamson

Errol is a Toastmaster of 15 years. A District finalist in the Evaluation and Table Topics contests. Outside of Toastmasters has been a finalist at the Professional Speakers Association’s national contest and The Corporate Challenge. Errol believes storytelling is one of the most powerful means that leaders have to influence, teach and inspire. He incorporates this belief into the keynote presentations and training workshops he has delivered to schools and organisations.

Simon Bucknall


Simon Bucknall, who was runner-up in the 2017 World Championship of Public Speaking, will be a panellist at the D91 Conference in May, in a panel discussion entitled ‘And The Winner Is… None Of These Panellists!’, which will look at how we can learn, grow and bounce back from losing.

Simon initially joined Toastmasters vowing to improve his public-speaking skills after having made a mess of a leaving drinks speech from his first job. He has been a full-time coach, speaker and facilitator helping professionals, leaders and opinion-formers to achieve greater impact through the spoken word for the past 12 years. In 2018, he was the opening speaker at the Royal Festival Hall for TEDxLondon, where he discussed the need for public-speaking to be taught as part of the school curriculum.

Holding degrees from Oxford University and the London School of Oriental & African Studies, Simon is also an Adjunct Faculty member at Oxford University’s Blavatnik School of Government and a Visiting Fellow in Professional Skills at Cambridge University.

His career background includes executive headhunting, blue-chip corporate brand strategy consulting, and a stint working in the House of Commons as Head of Office for a senior Parliamentarian.

Andy Hammond

Andy has been a member of Arun Speakers since January 2001, and a founder member of County Communicators since October 2009. He has held Club Officer roles in one or both clubs for each of his 21 years of membership. He has mentored numerous members during that time, and has also completed the Pathways Mentor Program.

Andy is a Past District Director and was a member of the Toastmasters International Leadership Committee from 2020 to 2022.

Paul Rhys-Taylor

Paul became a toastmaster in February 2013 and served in a range of club leadership roles while a member of Croydon Communicators.  He served two years on the District Leadership Team as District Administration Manager between 2016 and 2018. Then, while assisting Division H Area and Division Directors till 2021, he was instrumental in setting up two Division H clubs, i.e. Clapham Communicators and, most recently, Legacy Speakers Brixton, where he now serves as Immediate Past President.

Paul has retained the same toastmaster mentor since he joined and has passed on that benefit to others within and outside of Toastmasters.

Dennise Hilliman

CEO & Founder of The LEAD Curriculum. Dennise is an effective and gifted leader in the field of diversity, inclusion and leadership development, including providing training to corporates to reach diversity, and CSR targets, with clients including Lloyds Bank, Santander UK and IBM. She is also a Black British Business Awards Finalist for Professional Services – Toastmasters Club Founder President – BBC Academy Partner – Business In The Communities (BiTC) Partner – Institute of Directors Member – Former Principal Examiner of Oxford & Cambridge Examinations Board. – Founder & Trustee of The LEAD Curriculum Advisory Board. – Inspirational & motivational communicator.

As a black female entrepreneur from a challenging socio-economic background, Dennise has made the transition from disadvantaged to corporate backgrounds. She has seen the impact on perceptions and aspirations of exposing Boardroom Executives to the principles of The LEAD Mindset to children and young people from diverse backgrounds. As CEO & Founder of The LEAD Curriculum her vision is to promote The LEAD Mindset globally, making the interactions of executives and employees from diverse professions with each other and young people, meaningful, inclusive and as contagious as laughter.

Rick Cooper

  Rick Cooper has been in Toastmasters for 9 years and has served District 91 as both an Area and Division Director. He is a member of Voice of Wales and Wye Knot Speakers clubs. Rick is an active advocate of mentoring as a key factor in inspiring people to achieve their goals and dreams.

Gagan Singh

Gagan Singh is a leadership, business, and public speaker coach and works with start-up entrepreneurs to scale their ventures. As part of SmartPublicSpeaker, he has built a YouTube channel making people feel more productive and confident in their personal and professional lives.  He has spent 10 years delivering and coaching public speaking as part of London Athenians, including as the President and as a District Officer for Toastmasters International. Gagan has worked with C-suite executives, business owners, and high potential leaders. He holds an advanced leadership certificate from Toastmasters and has won various national competitions.

Alistair Barton

Event planner, podcaster and Toastmaster since 2019. I joined at the age of 24 due to a client event announcement not going to plan…”Life is like an escalator, sometimes you have to step OFF rather than going to the next floor, to get where you want to be in life”. My highly opinionated but wise Father. His other famous quotes include “always meet your commitments” and “ouch, you didn’t want to do that.” University was my escalator, having met my predicted A Level grades I was offered a place to study Psychology at Reading University. Instead, I stopped off at the Event Management department on Level 1 and haven’t looked back since. I started as an apprentice Venue Search Assistant at the age of 18 and now serve as Project Director for an industry leading agency. Organised, planned and like my father, highly opinionated – I work to deliver Virtual Engagement Events to the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies as part of their wider clinical trial strategy. I aim to inspire, coach and lead others.

Jannette Winnick 

I have been a toastmaster for about eight years and am a Psychology and Economics teacher. I belong to three clubs presently and take part in competitions. I believe communication is key to success both academically and in life, I have introduced the skills I have gained in Toastmasters, introducing Public Speaking and Debating to schools where I have taught. I am passionate about what I do and hope to instil this passion to my students. This year my junior team reached the ESU regional finals in the Churchill Public Speaking competition and my senior team the debate regional finals. Previously speakers I have trained have reached the finals in the Jack Petchey competition.

Dr Julie Kertesz


Julie describes Toastmasters as ‘her tribe’.  She has been a member since 1978, initially with the Silver Spring Maryland Monument Toastmasters, before joining Lewisham Speakers in London in 2009, then online clubs too. A stand-up comedian since 1977, Julie, blogs in French as well as English and is a storyteller with Spark London and founder of Witty StoryTellers Online. She has completed more than 10 Toastmaster Pathways (some twice) and Pathways Ambassador and Guide Julie is also a photographer and her pictures can be viewed on Flickr and Joyoflife.

Reverend Geoffrey Richardson BA, MTh.

Born in London in 1951. Married to Helen, with five children and seven grandchildren. First career in Personnel/Human Resources Management (12 years); trained for ministry, and then Church Pastor in Brighton (9 years); joined staff of Regents Theological College and served as Senior Lecturer and Dean of Students until retiring in 2016. Still preaching regularly and joined Malvern Speakers in 2016 to keep sharpening his public speaking and preaching skills.

Friday night comedy with Sonia Aste

Toastmasters Can do Stand-Up Comedy

(Because Everything is Possible)

Toastmasters Can do Stand-Up Comedy (Because Everything is Possible) Welcome to the best stand-up comedy night EVER! Sonia Aste hosts an incredible night of stand-up comedy on Friday 6th May, where six hilarious Toastmasters take to the stage with one objective: TO MAKE YOU LAUGH! It’s fast, friendly and funny! We aim to bring our fantastic live atmosphere online. All we need is your laughter!

Our Superb Comedy line-up: Desire Binam, Alison Corfield, Terry Edeatds, Fionnagh Winston, David Caton and the fabulous David Jones! With your host and MC: Sonia Aste!

Early morning exercise with Jess Roper

Two-time English kickboxing champion and 2nd-degree blackbelt Jess Roper will be hosting fitness sessions for us at 8 am Saturday and Sunday morning at the D91 Conference in May. The sessions will incorporate some of the fundamentals of kickboxing and will be suitable for all ages, abilities and fitness levels. In short, a positive way to start the day!

Jess works in schools throughout the country with Sport for Schools, running fun fitness circuits and presenting engaging and interactive assemblies, inspiring and motivating children to become more active and “dream big, start small and never give up”. She coaches kickboxing at Upgrade Martial Arts in Bexhill and runs an online kickboxing community called Fighting Fit Together, which focuses on making fitness fun.

Jess also works as a hypnotherapist, specialising in helping people overcome anxiety and increase their confidence, and presents a weekly radio show, ‘The Champion’s Corner’, on Bexhill Radio, which focuses on health, well-being and community.

Jess is currently developing her public speaking and leadership skills as the first new chartering member of Sussex Online Speakers. Her goal is “speaking on stages, globally”.

To find out more

Contest Chairs


Gillian Prior 

Gillian is a member of Epsom Speakers and also of Sutton Speakeasy. She joined Toastmasters in 2014 and has covered five different committee roles, currently VPPR at Epsom and Area Director for D53.

She styles herself ‘Cornish/Canadian ‘ and relishes the international flavour of Toastmasters.

In personal life she spent 14 years in Civil Service IT, latterly as a project manager, had some educational years as a full-time mum, and eventually used skills learned to start a maths tutoring business. With the advent of Zoom, she also teaches online.

Inspired by – her grandfather who cherished learning.

Amy Jones

Amy Jones joined Toastmasters in April 2016. After several years on the club committee at Worthing Speaker’s Club, she stepped up to be Area Director of H32 in 2021/2022. As well as achieving Area Director of the year, she helped launched Sussex Online Speakers in January 2021 and was a co-sponsor, chartering the club in October 2021.

In her professional life, Amy has over a decade of experience in frontline, systems, event, and operations management. Her career switched from the retail and tourism sectors to textiles and homeware when she moved to the UK from Australia in 2015.

Sarah Brisley

Sarah Brisley has been a member of Toastmasters since 2018. Over the past four years she has put energy into completing levels on the Team Collaboration and Dynamic Leadership Pathways. She has served on the club committee as Secretary, VP Membership and President. Beyond club level, Sarah has served her Area by getting involved in contests and Club Officer Training. Sarah is currently the Area Director for H37 and is working towards achieving a Triple Crown this year.

Charlotte Hitchings

Charlotte Hitchings DTM has been a Toastmaster since 2007 when she was a charter member of Voice of Wales, the first Toastmasters club in South Wales. She was also a charter member of Cardiff Toastmasters and Wye Knot Speakers, which chartered in 2020. Charlotte has held the Toastmasters district offer roles of Area Director and Divisional Director as well as serving as President, VP Education, VP Membership, Treasurer and Secretary at club level.

Outside Toastmasters Charlotte is Chair of a large NHS mental health trust providing specialist mental health care services across the South West and a member of the Board of the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales. Prior to this she held senior positions at British Telecom and O2 plc and worked as a leadership coach via her own business. Charlotte and her husband live in the beautiful Wye Valley and she enjoys walking, gardening and reading. 


Jill Segal 

Jill Segal DTM found her true voice with Toastmasters, first at Grosvenor Square Speakers and then at City Limits Speakers where she was a Charter Member and is currently President. Trained as a lawyer, Jill has worked in the Performing Arts world for many years, firstly with the renowned conductor Sir Colin Davis and then founding her own agency representing international classical musicians on the world stage. Latterly she has been a consultant which has included taking on the role of Executive Director of Festival Suoni dal Golfo (now called Lerici Music Festival) in Italy in 2019 and a continuing relationship with the festival as International Development Director. 

Jill published a small anthology of poetry in January 2021 ‘Musings – personal reflections and seeking tranquility’ and has some new productions in the pipeline.

Fiorella D.

Fiorella D. is a master-graduate of Applied Linguistics and she has post-graduate certificate in Applied Literacy, Language and Numeracy. She is a fully qualified English Language teacher with QTLS and has worked as an ESOL teacher for many years. In 2012, she also started to teach children in the private sector – tutoring them successfully for entry to independent schools at age 11. 

At present, Fiorella is in the process of launching Mumskool – a virtual learning platform for parents in need of support to teach their own children. Fiorella is a parent to 20years-old, Anakin. 

Ilaria Vilkelis

A member of Chiltern Speakers and Division H Assistant Division Director Program Quality, she is Immediate Past President of Excalibur Speakers and Past Area L16 Director. She has been five times president and five-time vice-president education.

Professionally, Ilaria is an international executive coach, a speaker coach, a remote work specialist with a passion for home-office design. She works with senior managers and high potentials to improve their ability to lead with authenticity, clarity of vision, and engaging communication, around the room or around the world alike. She is currently writing a novel in her native Italian.

Chris Ighodaro

I work in the financial services industry and joined Toastmasters a year ago to complement organisational experience. My current goal is to improve my range of communication styles. I’m passionate about financial education and mentoring young people.  

Always keen to collaborate effectively in a group environment, never losing sight of principles. I’m a modest character who injects humour and cutting edge insight to engender trust. 


Lydia McDowall

Lydia struggled through her younger years, lacking self-confidence, and feeling like she didn’t fit in. Her personal development journey and her passion for helping others led her to begin her own coaching practice as a Confidence Coach. She now works with clients to help them find the confidence and courage to live a fulfilled life without other people’s opinions holding them back. Lydia also provides project management and training services to the IT sector.

Lydia’s Toastmasters journey began in 2015 and she is proud to currently be serving as President of her home club, The Speakers of Croydon.

Meera Das

Meera joined Toastmasters in March 2018 and subsequently became the President of the Wharf Speakers Club in Division K. She lives in London and is the immediate past Area Director of Area K59 which covers clubs in Canary Wharf.

Meera recently debuted alongside her Area Director colleague as an MC for the Division K 2021 Spring Contest and delivered a glittering performance, literally! She assisted as an MC at the D91 2021 Conference and has offered to participate in dual roles this year as our 2022 Registration Director as well as MC!

Toby Wilson

Toby is President of Worthing Speakers Club and has been a Toastmaster for over eight years. His passion is making sure everyone is able to have their voice heard which he champions in his role as Voice and Participation Team Manager for West Sussex County Council. In his spare time he can be seen losing on TV game shows, and hosting a regular charity Pub Quiz.

Vanessa Pochette

As I was getting ready and excited for the D91 conference, the head MC reached out to me to find out if I could write a 100-word introduction about me. I asked her if I needed to devise an elaborate presentation with a hook strategy, where I would start with a quotation, open with a fun fact or a fascinating story, ask the readers an intriguing question or create an emotional connection by sharing personal details on why I decided to join Toastmasters, while at the same time keeping it brief. She said no. I said here’s your intro.

TM Leaders

District Director 

Helena Boden-Brewe 

Founder of her own start-up broadcast consultancy business, Helena brings her experience and creativity to the District Leadership Team. With a background in delivering training globally, both in-person and online; Helena’s capable hands exceptionally support our district for the year ahead.

Rupa Datta

Having spent the last few years of her corporate career in customer engagement, Rupa brings a range of skills to this role, including her roles on the club committee, Area and Division Director.

Debbie Williams

Debbie Williams has been in Toastmasters for 5 years and is a member of two clubs, Speakers of Croyden and Excalibur Speakers.

Morag Mathieson

First Vice President

Morag Mathieson, DTM, of Moehrendorf, Germany, is a self-employed professional development consultant and chair of the Board of the child sponsorship charity Living Water Germany e.V.. Previously, she was the general manager and superintendent pharmacist for Belfast Co-operative Chemists, where she had full professional and business responsibility for a group of pharmacies in Northern Ireland. Her responsibilities included all aspects of strategy, service development and delivery. At Alliance Pharmacy, she created new business concepts including continuing professional development for pharmacy professionals.

Mathieson holds a master’s degree in business administration from The Open University in Milton Keynes, England. She served on pharmacy services boards of government departments in both Scotland and in Northern Ireland. She also served on the board of USA Girl Scouts Overseas in Southern Germany, where she was responsible for finance.


Entertainment Sat Online

Tom Gray 

Tom joined Toastmasters originally to rehearse his wedding speech. Since then, Tom became one of the founding members of Sussex Online Speakers and elected as their first President. Recently Tom featured in a District 91 club building video which was placed third in the Toastmasters International video competition.

Professionally, Tom is a Chartered Architectural Technologist and Building Engineer working in the architecture & construction industry. More recently Tom was awarded the prestigious international award for Chartered Architectural Technologist of the year 2021, and is an advocate for promoting mental health and wellbeing in his industry. 

Through his skill of public speaking Tom often guest lectures at schools and universities across the country to better promote the exciting future of the industry along with featuring on guest panels and chairing industry events. 

Paddy Range 

I became a member at Toastmasters in September 2021 and have enjoyed connecting with people who have aims and ambition. I have a YouTube channel with motivational videos to try and promote self-development and positive thinking. Since September 2021 I have undertaken various roles such as time keeping, ballot counting, evaluation, welcoming, speeches and have also been involved with speaking competitions. 

By day I am a radio presenter / producer on a local radio station in East Sussex called Ashdown Radio and also present on Clubland Radio UK in Southampton. 

My aim is to continue with radio and unfold as a motivational speaker to spread a positive message to people who don’t have the advantage of the knowledge. 

Massimo Guadagnino

I joined Toastmasters in March 2019 and I have served as President, VPE, Area Director and currently Division Director. Our Italian family emigrated to South Africa when I was 14yo and there I learned to speak English, Afrikaans and Portuguese. My work in IT got me to London in 2001. Shortly after arriving I was bitten by the Salsa bug and started my dance journey. Eventually this lead to meeting Silvia, my life partner. In 2008 we started the Salsa y Sol Dance & Yoga School in Winchester, which ran in-person till the first lockdown and then online till now. Recently Silvia and I resumed teaching in person at two new venues: Baden, Austria and Crystal Palace, London.

Visit us at

Massimo Guadagnino