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From about a week before, during and the week after the event, you will be able to login to the conference and then send and receive messages both publically and privately. 
This is messaging outside the chat you have available within a zoom room.
If you are concerned about privacy and don’t want to receive a private message, you will be able to opt-out when you receive your messaging invite.
If you don’t respond to this invite, you will not be able to access the messaging.


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We all like conference swag? – Our conference system will allow you to collect conference SWAG.  There will be SWAG and CONTENT buttons within speaker and speach pages. When you click on these, the system will note that you want this and will add it to your SWAG.

Around 48 hours after the conference you will be able to access your personal SWAG page and have access to all the goodies made available by Sponsors, Speakers, and anyone else who has kindly made content avialable.
This will also include links to any supporting pages or offers made.

Toastmaster Dating?

OK, it’s not exactly what you think it is.

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We are looking forward to welcomign hundreds, even thousands of you to this conference and we know that when we meet face to face, the networking with other Toastmasters is a key part of the experience.

So, the question was, how do we do this online. And this is why we have created a dedicated Toastmaster “dating” app.

You have the chance to message and setup a virtual meeting with any toastmaster you like, subject to them accepting the invite.

This is why we are so keen to ensure everyone fills in their profile information with which clubs and roles they hold.

You may, as a VPPR, or President, wish to speak and meet up with other people in the same role but outside your area or nearby. You will be able to search and then message those roles and see who comes back to connect with you!

We saw meeting options on other platforms and decided to take this to another level…
A toastmaster specific meetup system.

If it is successful we may leave it open forever.