Virtual Delegate Access

All conference delegates can log onto the website to access a delegate only virtual platform. Designed so that you can network before, during and after the conference as well as access streamed LIVE or on demand content.

This platform is under construction, so access right now is restricted to the webinar series and a basic networking platform. Watch this space for more updates before the end of April, in time for you to enjoy the conference weekend online!

Log onto the delegate platform via Home/ Delegate Access Log In

What is my username?

When you purchased your ticket, you were automatically set up a username assigned to the email used to create your booking. You can log in using either this username or your registered email address. If you aren’t sure what password or username is assigned to you, click on ‘Lost your password?’

screenshot of login box

What email do I use?

Please reset your password using the email you booked your ticket with.

I logged in, but I cannot access the content pages?

Our Conference Team will activate your membership once you’ve purchased a ticket for the Conference (in-person or online) and/or the Gala Dinner. You will receive an email as shown below.

Please allow 24 hours for the email to arrive. The team will process new users up to 1 hour before any live webinar or the conference itself (so please don’t leave buying your ticket until the last minute!). Remember the team are all volunteers so they’ll do their best to activate memberships as promptly as possible.

I can’t seem to figure out how to log in, please help!

Click here to reset your password. The email address will be the one used to purchase your ticket.

Any issues please do email

What is the delegates home?

We’ve created a delegate platform on the website so those who wish to engage with other delegates can do so.

You can choose via your profile settings who you want your profile to be visible to. If you prefer not to engage, we suggest making your profile hidden to everyone and using a random username such as ‘delegate 2’.

Once logged in, your conference ticket will determine your access to various parts of the conference online LIVE or post conference recordings. i.e. Saturday only ticket gives you access to Saturday in person, online and recordings.

Feel free to email our team for support