Conference Partners

Daria Radwan, a portrait and headshots photographer since 2017, resides and works in Reading. With a love for creativity and a passion for photography, Daria specialises in producing high-end photographs that authentically capture the essence of her subjects.

With a diverse portfolio, Daria has adeptly captured academic and professional figures in Higher Education, as well as individuals within the business world. Notably, she has lent her lens to events at the Henley Business School, including the prestigious John H. Dunning Conference and the empowering Women in Business masterclass.

Whether working on location or within her studio, Daria showcases not only her technical skill but also her ability to connect with her subjects, bringing out their true personalities.

She is the nominated photographer for the Saturday Gala Dinner and Sunday proceedings in Bristol on 4-5 May 2024.

Professional Headshots

You can book a slot with Daria during the Saturday afternoon program. Invest in a memory of the day that can be used for your work portfolio.

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