Frequently asked questions are answered below, but please email the conference team if you need help!

Is the conference only for members?

No. The conference is open to the public, so feel free to invite your colleagues; friends and family. Several members have already purchased tickets for spouses to attend who are not members.

I have never attended a conference before/ a Toastmasters conference. Is there support available?

Yes. Please email us if you want to ask any questions, otherwise the registration team are the best people to approach for help when you first get to the venue. We also have a Networking Host called Jessica who will be organising some fun games on the Friday evening to help delegates connect with each other.

I have a disability or health condition. Are the venues accessible to all?

Yes the venues are accessible for a variety of disability or health needs including stair lifts, lifts, quiet seating areas, bathrooms and both venues have staff on site who can assist with any medical emergencies.

Please advise the registration team when arriving if you need further information to ensure the venue accessibility options are clear for you.

I am a contestant, do I get a discount or free access?

In alignment with the Toastmasters International rulebook, all contestants have free access to their specific contest(s) and are welcome to refreshments, seating in the venue during breaks and will be invited to observe the results from their contest.

Contests will be provided with VIP ticket options from the Program Quality Director for 2023/2024, Steve Vear. Please email

I will be arriving late or checking out, can we bring and/or leave bags at the venue?

Yes … at your own risk. Details below.

Engineer’s House – there is a lockable logistics room in which items can be left on Friday or Saturday overnight. You are liable for any valuables left on site.

During the course of the event, if you need to keep a bag at the venue for the day please ask the staff at the venue as the logistics room will be needed for conference operations.

Gala Dinner – We have hired a suite, with a rack for coats and an area bags can be left at your own risk however it is a private suite so only our delegates/members and the staff have access to it.

Can we bring children?

Conference at Engineer’s House – The District does not have public liability or safeguarding in place for children (under 18s) to attend the event. If a speaker or contestant wishes to bring a child for that session only due to childcare challenges, please email the conference team as we can discuss potential options but otherwise this is an over 18 event only.

Gala Dinner at Hotel du Vin – Under 18s are unable to attend the Gala Dinner event.

How do I access the conference webinar series? Instructions here

Where is everyone staying?

The District Leadership Team, past District Leaders and the photographers are booked into the Hotel du Vin.

The conference team, other district leaders and members are known to be staying at The Rodney Hotel and the Clifton Hotel (part of the Clifton Hotel group).

For rates on the above options please see our Hotel, Venues & Travel page on the conference website.

A few members are staying at the Double Tree by the Hilton which is ideal for families coming to Bristol for the weekend but no rates have been negotiated with them.

What tickets are available and when?

All in person tickets are whilst venue capacity lasts. Book here.

Combo Ticket (conference + gala) £250 is available until 17 April.

Conference ONLY £170 is available until 20 April.

Saturday or Sunday Tickets are £85, available from 2 April until 20 April. Waitlist currently available.

Gala Dinner ONLY at £85 is available until 17 April.

Online Super Early Bird £29 until 2 April.

Early Bird £39 until 30 April.

Full price from 1 May is £59. 

Can I get a refund on my ticket?

No. Please review our Booking Terms & Conditions.

I am coming via public transport and wondered if others wanted to get a taxi from the station?

SIgn into the delegate access page and start a chat with other delegates! Log in via the ‘Delegate Access’ menu on the website.

I’ve been asked to speak on a panel or hold a functionary role for a contest. How do I get access to the conference?

Please speak to the person in charge of that panel about access, they will organise this via the registration team for the conference however generally panelists should be ticket holders.

In regards to contest access, this is not a matter for the conference team. Please contact our PQD, Steve Vear.