Become a sponsor or partner

For our 2024 Conference, we are dedicated to embracing the hybrid conference experience and working with sponsors or partners who can help bring the conference to life.

Sponsorship (cash and/or directed funding)

  • Sponsorship agreement to donate a specific amount with no obligation on how it is specifically spent by the District in support of the conference
  • An agreement to purchase or cover the costs of specific elements of the conference, which could include elements of venue hire; printing; AV and technical services or marketing.

Partnership (provide services, products or equipment)

  • Photography or Videography services
  • Speakers, Presenters or Workshop Facilitators
  • Delegate support including lanyards, delegate packs, printing or similar
  • Gifts for organisers, presenters, partners and sponsors
  • Products for delegates such as snacks, water bottles, goodie bags

What can we offer in return?

The District Director approves all sponsorship and partnership agreements. Ways in which the conference and the district can provide a return on investment are listed below, but each sponsor and partner proposal will be negotiated individually.

  • Tickets to the conference and/or gala dinner
  • Exposure via the Districts newsletter that goes to the membership (circa 3,500 members)
  • Inclusion on the sponsor and partners page of the conference website
  • Blogs published on the District website and conference website
  • Interviews with or posts about sponsors and partners, with exposure to over 11K followers on our social media platforms
  • Recognition during the conference via the programme, by the MCs or District Leaders
  • Product exposure for up to 120 in-person delegates, unlimited online delegates (expected to be approx 200)
  • Option to send products to membership clubs for wider exposure, including 171+ clubs across the UK South

We appreciate your consideration in supporting our conference by providing sponsorship or partnership.

Amy Jones, DTM

Conference Committee – Director 2024

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