A Powerful Narrative with Désiré Binam

I am limitless when I am on my Roller blades!

Webinar Session

In April of 2020, Désiré received the devastating diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. Overcoming immense challenges, he persevered through two rounds of grueling chemotherapy and endured four surgeries. In 2023, Désiré shared his journey with cancer at the district 91 International speech contest and finished second.

This time to reflect on how the art of speech writing and delivery has become an integral part of his ongoing healing process. He is looking to articulate a powerful narrative, illustrating the symbiotic relationship between embracing medical procedures with positivity, journalling his experiences, delivering impactful speeches, and embracing constructive feedback. Through this virtuous cycle, Désiré remains proactive, motivated, and resilient in the face of daunting medical obstacles.



Désiré joined Experience French Toastmasters in 2015 and was an active member of Data Science Speakers Club, London. 

He is a passionate speaker with an ability to showcase his life experience through his moving speeches and has developed a keen ability to inspire his listeners. Désiré is a District 91 International Speech Contest Finalist (2023), speech title With a Little Help From my Friends.

Each time the inexorable pull of Toastmasters sucked him back! Now he says he is back for good; he is having too much fun and he couldn’t bear to leave his Toastmaster friends.