Dr Graham Norris, DTM

Dr. Graham Norris is an organisational psychologist and futurist, specialising in adaptability and strategic foresight amid uncertainty. His work centres on helping leaders navigate rapid technological changes, market unpredictability, and organisational restructuring. Graham combines psychological insights with futurist methodologies to aid decision-makers in crafting robust, long-term strategies and fostering innovation. His approach transforms perceived threats into opportunities, emphasizing the development of future-ready workforces and resilient organisational cultures. Renowned for his ability to translate cutting-edge research into actionable plans, Graham empowers leaders to achieve competitive advantage and operational effectiveness.

He is an accomplished Toastmaster and holds the prestigious Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) title making him Dr Graham Norris, DTM. He embarked on his Toastmasters journey in 2010 and has since showcased his speaking skills on a District Conference stage in China in 2016.  Graham’s commitment to personal growth and professional speaking development has led him to become a valued member of District 91, where he joined the esteemed Maidenhead Speakers Club in 2023.

The events of the past few years have demonstrated that even the most well-designed plans can easily be derailed by unforeseen circumstances. Dr Graham Norris will explore how individuals can overcome unpredictability, stay ahead of the curve, and make confident decisions to unlock their full potential? His goal is to inspire and motivate his audience by providing a fresh perspective on what the future holds. By shifting their long-term mindset, individuals can develop robust and adaptable strategies that allow them to create plans that are future-ready and agile enough to navigate constant change.