Nigel Smith, DTM

I feel limitless when I have full trust and respect and can use that positive energy of the people around me to push beyond the envelope, seeking forgiveness rather than permission. Nigel is an Agile Project Management Coach at one of silicon valley’s fastest growing private tech companies, Sitetracker, Immediate Past Director of Professional Development at the Project Management Institute UK Chapter and a long-standing member of Toastmasters International, where he’s currently President of PMI UK Changemakers. He’s also an aspiring writer, speaker, avid reader, visual storyteller, world traveller, music lover and car fan, though not necessarily in that order! He’s passionate about bringing out the very best in himself and others. As such, he always seeks out great opportunities to learn, have fun and share his world, particularly with those who get him thinking and drive his curiosity!  And that is pretty much what brings Nigel here today. Favourite Quote Speak it into Existence Lewis Hamilton Formula 1 Driver

Lenka Pagan

I feel limitless every time I am with my loving partner. Once, over 18 years ago, Lenka found herself trapped in a cycle of unhealthy eating habits. She relied on tinned foods, microwave meals, and indulged heavily in chocolate, consuming multiple bars daily. Blaming lack of time and money, she neglected her health, only to suffer the consequences later. But during a pivotal hospital stay, Lenka had an epiphany. Realising her health was her true wealth, she embarked on a transformative journey. She embraced whole foods, educated herself on nutrition, and prioritised self-care. The result? Remarkable. In just months, she conquered ailments like Multiple Sclerosis and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Driven by her own recovery, Lenka became a beacon of health, training as a holistic health coach and yoga instructor. Her passion led her to teach yoga and healthy living across diverse settings, touching lives from nursing homes to beaches. Grateful for mentors like Tai Lopez and Tony Robbins, Lenka credits good nutrition and exercise for her rejuvenation. Now in her forties, she’s physically and mentally stronger than ever before, inspiring others with her journey. Lenka’s story is a testament to the power of resilience and self-care. She believes that with determination, anyone can overcome obstacles and reclaim their health. Embrace the journey, she urges, and never hesitate to seek guidance along the way. Favourite Quote You become what you feed your mind Zig Ziglar Motivational Speaker

Rob Peck

I feel limitless in Toastmasters! Toastmasters has helped me realize what is really important in life. Rob Peck has been a member of Toastmasters International for over 40 years. During that time he has won, and judged, speech contests at Club, Area, Division and District levels; served in many different Toastmasters executive positions including, but not limited to, being a past President of three different Toastmasters clubs and being an Area and Division Director, and helped start many new Toastmasters clubs including, in 1990, his current club, Bay Street Breakfast Toastmasters. Full disclosure: he has quit Toastmasters twice! Once in 1969, when he went back to school, and once in 1979, when his wife, Julia, and four young children under the age of six successfully competed for his attention in the evenings! Each time the inexorable pull of Toastmasters sucked him back! Now he says he is back for good; he is having too much fun and he couldn’t bear to leave his Toastmaster friends. Favourite Quote This above all, to thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man. William Shakespeare Playwright

Jillian Haslam

I experience a sense of boundless potential when I participate in Toastmaster meetings. This feeling arises from witnessing individuals who initially struggle to speak a single word in a room full of people while others have overcome significant challenges and yet there are those who have achieved remarkable success. Reflecting on this spectrum of experiences, I am reminded of the vast possibilities for personal growth and empowerment, leaving me with a profound sense of limitless potential. Jillian is a Motivational Speaker, Author & Philanthropist. She has spoken on myriad topics at many fora and at leading international organizations such as the Bank of England, Cambridge, Bank of America, PwC, The World Affairs Council, Nova Nordisk, McDonalds among others Jillian has been honoured with a growing list of awards. A few of the biggest: Mother Teresa Memorial International Award; The True Legend Award from The Telegraph & Role Model of the Year by “The Advertiser Newspapers in London She has featured extensively in the media (BBC, Newsweek, Channel 5, The Pioneer, Gulf News, The Independent, The Telegraph, The Times and others (details can be found at Favourite Quote “Success” is not just the act of making it through. Rather, it is the act of reaching back to bring others with you.

Linda-Marie Miller

Linda-Marie is a professional speaker, a certified experiential trainer and an ICF certified coach. As a professional speaker, Linda-Marie has spoken in 42 countries on Speaking, Mastery in Action, Authentic Leadership and Creating One Shared Humanity. Linda-Marie is a two-time finalist in the World Championship of Public Speaking and in 2020 she took home the 2nd place trophy.   Her mission in life is simple and that is to have people get that they matter.  Every training she designs and facilitates, every keynote she delivers and every coaching session she holds are all created with that mission in mind.   Linda-Marie’s Signature Programs are: Champions of Change – a nine-month visionary leadership development program designed to transform participants into visionary leaders in their organizations and in their lives.   Speaking Mastery in Action – a year-long speaker certification program for those committed to transforming the way they speak so that they can have the greatest possible impact. Walking Willing – an opportunity to take the discomfort out of conversations about race so that we can create true community.

Rich Hopkins, DTM

I feel limitless when I’m in front of an audience Rich Hopkins has been in Toastmasters for 25 years in three Districts throughout Washington, Utah, and Colorado. In addition to his speaking all over the world in our organization, including ever District in the world in 2020, he’s a TEDx veteran, the author of three books, and was featured in the documentary SPEAK. Favourite Quote Pray, but keep your feet moving.

Verity Price, WCPS, DTM, AS

I feel limitless when I’m helping people find the gold in their own story and seeing the joy it brings them Verity Price is someone who approaches life a little differently. She’s gone from walking 1200km across France & Spain in hiking boots in memory of her parents, to performing in high heels to packed houses in Nashville and New York. From not having the money to record her debut album, to becoming one of the world’s first online crowdfunders. From being terrified of speaking in public, to being crowned the 2021 World Champion of Public Speaking. She is all about facing fears, finding your voice and sharing your truth. As the Toastmasters 2021 World Champion, Verity captured the judges, and thousands of peoples imagination with her winning speech ‘A Great Read’ – an inspiring invitation to improve our lives by “writing a different story”.  Helping people do just that is Verity’s passion Favourite Quote When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change Wayne Dyer Author and motivational speaker

Jeffrey Grace

Jeffrey Grace’s journey through the world of public speaking began backstage in 1994, as an events technician at the Grand Hotel in Eastbourne, East Sussex. From orchestrating lights behind the scenes, he transitioned to standing beneath them! His professional journey commenced with navigating the intricacies of sales and marketing, embarking on door-to-door ventures that ultimately led to his leadership role managing a team of 80 agents by the age of 28. His path took a pivotal turn upon becoming a director of a business-to-business marketing agency, where he first encountered Toastmasters at a training seminar. Since then, he has assumed the role of President in three Toastmasters clubs and founded Lewes Speakers, which recently commemorated its 10th Anniversary. Notably, Lewes Speakers holds a unique distinction as the only speaking club worldwide where individuals can refine their skills in the very room where one of America’s founding fathers, Thomas Paine, honed his craft circa 1768. While Jeff initially joined Toastmasters to excel in competitions, his perspective evolved with the establishment of Lewes Speakers. He now cherishes the moments of newcomers delivering their Icebreaker speeches, recognizing the significance of taking that pivotal first step. Jeff’s fundamental belief in the power of proficient public speaking is succinctly encapsulated in his mantra: “Those who speak well, do well.” Backed by countless firsthand observations of presentations globally, Jeff underscores the indisputable importance of continuously refining this vital life skill. Today, Jeff finds himself sought after as a host for corporate events, leveraging his extensive experience to mentor and train others in the art of public speaking.

Jessica Breitenfeld

I feel limitless…Limitless? At a sushi all you can eat buffet. Free to be me. A glutton! Favourite Quote ¨Linkedin is the virtual word of mouth¨ Get on here folks! self quoted

Ashu Sharma

I feel limitless after finishing my journaling routine in the morning.  Favourite Quote Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. George Bernard Shaw Playwright and critic