Nigel Smith, DTM

I feel limitless when I have full trust and respect and can use that positive energy of the people around me to push beyond the envelope, seeking forgiveness rather than permission.

Nigel is an Agile Project Management Coach at one of silicon valley’s fastest growing private tech companies, Sitetracker, Immediate Past Director of Professional Development at the Project Management Institute UK Chapter and a long-standing member of Toastmasters International, where he’s currently President of PMI UK Changemakers.

He’s also an aspiring writer, speaker, avid reader, visual storyteller, world traveller, music lover and car fan, though not necessarily in that order! He’s passionate about bringing out the very best in himself and others. As such, he always seeks out great opportunities to learn, have fun and share his world, particularly with those who get him thinking and drive his curiosity!  And that is pretty much what brings Nigel here today.

Favourite Quote

Speak it into Existence
Lewis Hamilton
Formula 1 Driver