Connecting with Intention

Are You a Commander? A Cheerleader? A Carer? Or a Critical Thinker? This workshop aims to empower you with insights that can transform your interactions and outcomes. 

Join Nigel for a dynamic 60-minute session, where we delve into the realms of self-awareness and intentional self-leadership.

  • Enhanced self-awareness and emotional intelligence (EQ)
  • Heightened awareness of others
  • Tools and techniques to adapt your style for optimal outcomes


Do you aspire to:

  • Grasp how your presence impacts outcomes.
  • Elevate your team beyond individual contributions.
  • Untangle the “People Puzzle” within projects, averting confusion, amiguity and conflicts.

If your response is affirmative, then this session is tailored for you!

Led by Nigel, this engaging workshop revolves around the renowned self-awareness tool, DISC. Nigel unravels the intricacies of various styles, traits, and characteristics prevalent in our everyday project dynamics, shedding light on potential misunderstandings and challenging dialogues. More significantly, you’ll learn how to heighten your awareness, prepare for, and surmount these obstacles, thus enhancing your professional relationships.

Delving deeper, Nigel delves into what motivates you, your underlying fears, your primary mode of control, and your true value to your projects, all while considering the perspectives of others. Brace yourself for potential “blind spots” revelations and the journey towards diplomatic mastery.

Armed with these profound insights, Nigel equips you with practical tips and strategies to “modify to manage” your professional relationships, ensuring optimal outcomes. Through Mentimeter interactive software, real-time engagement, and perhaps a surprise or two, Nigel ensures a lively and enriching experience.

This session aims to inspire you to be more intentional with self-leadership by enhancing your self-awareness.

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Nigel Smith, DTM

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