Jillian Haslam

I experience a sense of boundless potential when I participate in Toastmaster meetings. This feeling arises from witnessing individuals who initially struggle to speak a single word in a room full of people while others have overcome significant challenges and yet there are those who have achieved remarkable success. Reflecting on this spectrum of experiences, I am reminded of the vast possibilities for personal growth and empowerment, leaving me with a profound sense of limitless potential.

Jillian is a Motivational Speaker, Author & Philanthropist. She has spoken on myriad topics at many fora and at leading international organizations such as the Bank of England, Cambridge, Bank of America, PwC, The World Affairs Council, Nova Nordisk, McDonalds among others

Jillian has been honoured with a growing list of awards. A few of the biggest:

Mother Teresa Memorial International Award; The True Legend Award from The Telegraph & Role Model of the Year by “The Advertiser Newspapers in London

She has featured extensively in the media (BBC, Newsweek, Channel 5, The Pioneer, Gulf News, The Independent, The Telegraph, The Times and others (details can be found at www.jillianhaslam.com)

Favourite Quote

“Success” is not just the act of making it through. Rather, it is the act of reaching back to bring others with you.