Jeffrey Grace

Jeffrey Grace’s journey through the world of public speaking began backstage in 1994, as an events technician at the Grand Hotel in Eastbourne, East Sussex. From orchestrating lights behind the scenes, he transitioned to standing beneath them!

His professional journey commenced with navigating the intricacies of sales and marketing, embarking on door-to-door ventures that ultimately led to his leadership role managing a team of 80 agents by the age of 28.

His path took a pivotal turn upon becoming a director of a business-to-business marketing agency, where he first encountered Toastmasters at a training seminar. Since then, he has assumed the role of President in three Toastmasters clubs and founded Lewes Speakers, which recently commemorated its 10th Anniversary. Notably, Lewes Speakers holds a unique distinction as the only speaking club worldwide where individuals can refine their skills in the very room where one of America’s founding fathers, Thomas Paine, honed his craft circa 1768.

While Jeff initially joined Toastmasters to excel in competitions, his perspective evolved with the establishment of Lewes Speakers. He now cherishes the moments of newcomers delivering their Icebreaker speeches, recognizing the significance of taking that pivotal first step.

Jeff’s fundamental belief in the power of proficient public speaking is succinctly encapsulated in his mantra: “Those who speak well, do well.” Backed by countless firsthand observations of presentations globally, Jeff underscores the indisputable importance of continuously refining this vital life skill.

Today, Jeff finds himself sought after as a host for corporate events, leveraging his extensive experience to mentor and train others in the art of public speaking.