We Are District 91

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Conference 2022 Final Gavel Race Video
Conference 2022 Promo Video

“What I liked most about it was the idea of a ‘venting mentor’.
This was such an honest speech, and I think in Leadership positions
we all need that when the going gets rough. “

Chris Arning
District 91 PR Manager 2022/23
on Keynote Speaker
Aletta Rochat, DTM

Toastmasters UK & Ireland

The above photo is courtesy of District 71.

Toastmasters International

District 91, UK South

On the 1st of July 2014, Toastmasters UK and Ireland split into two districts D71 and the new D91.

District 91 now covers the UK South and District 71 the UK North & Ireland.

The legacy of our District comes to life at our annual conferences. The first District 91 Annual Conference was held in London in May 2015.

Our past conferences and that year’s District Director* are listed below.

*District Directors were formally titled District Governors until the 2014/2015 program year.

Autumn Conferences

Before 2018, Autumn Conferences also occurred. Below is a list of locations of District 91 Autumn Conferences.

  • Brighton, 2014
  • Swindon, 2015
  • Wokingham, 2016
  • Gatwick, 2017