Breathing with Intention

Join Lenka to dive into the importance of breath work to connect with your body, speak with intention and purpose and make sure you never lose your voice.

This interactive workshop will focus on understanding the importance breathing has on our wellbeing and how it helps us to ensure our voice is never lost.

Take away simple tools to help you prepare to speak, work on your vocal variety and connect more deeply with yourself.

Discover how taking a few minutes to focus on your breathing can help you prepare for your day, deliver more powerful speeches and improve your self leadership.

Key Points

  • How to breathe with intention and connect with your body
  • Using breathe work to help you prepare to speak with intention
  • Ensure you never lose your voice by breathing properly

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Lenka Pagan

I feel limitless every time I am with my loving partner. Once, over 18 years ago, Lenka found herself trapped…