Scale limitless career highs by changing your narrative

Join Ashu Sharma to discover why selling is an essential skill for life. Being able to sell not just products but our unique ideas and capabilities.

  • Change your mindset so you can build relationships, connect with your stakeholders and master persuasion
  • The importance of being curious
  • Dig into the theory of marginal gains and create your own playbooks

Live on 20 March, 8pm GMT

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What is common amongst top performing teams like Manchester City or top athletes like Le Bron James and Novak Djokovic?  They all have behind-the-scenes performance coaches. They work tirelessly to help them improve every minutia aspect of their performance. 

Ashu and his team at Spread Your Wings Idea Labs define themselves as performance coaches for the executives. They have developed a coaching programme to help executives to “Learn to Sell” and through their implementation principles of: Have a curious mind, the theory of aggregation of marginal gains and having playbooks and checklists assures that executives can scale new career highs and sustain it for long.

Connect with Ashu on LinkedIn. He shares videos each week to inspire us to grow!

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Ashu Sharma

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