Beyond Discomfort: Why inclusive leadership is so hard … and what you can do about it.

Meet Nadia Nagamootoo on Saturday at the conference

What can we do to become more inclusive leaders?

Learn how to become a more inclusive leader with Nadia on Saturday.

Discover how our values and beliefs guide our response to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Through storytelling, learn why inclusive leadership is so hard, knotty and complex.

Extend your understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion and how to develop your skill and leadership capability.

DEI conversations often evoke strong emotional responses because they touch upon our core values and beliefs. 

In her keynote speech, Nadia Nagamootoo, a Chartered Psychologist and Founder of Avenir, will address the question: What can we do to become more inclusive leaders? Drawing on her expertise in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), Nadia will shed light on why inclusive leadership is often challenging and how enhancing our self-awareness of learned leadership practices can facilitate embracing change.

Nadia’s extensive background as an accredited coach, MBA, and host of the popular podcast “Why Care?” has established her as a leading authority in the field of DEI. Join Nadia Nagamootoo at the Toastmasters International District 91, UK South Annual Conference for an enlightening exploration of inclusive leadership and actionable strategies for positive change.

Nadia Nagamootoo

chartered psychologist and founder of avenir join Nadia at lunch on Saturday 4 May to get a personalised copy of her recently published book

NADIA NAGAMOOTOO (she/her) is the founder and CEO of Avenir, a Chartered Psychologist, MBA and accredited coach with 20 years’ experience in the field of systemic culture change, leadership development and organizational strategy.  She has worked globally to provoke powerful Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) conversations at all organizational levels and develop sustainable inclusive leadership practises.  

Her work is fuelled by inner values of fairness, equity and human connection, with a deep desire to see more of these in our world.  She is best known for her ability to offer clarity and direction around DEI for her clients, her warm and engaging style, as well as designing innovative, experiential learning approaches.

A prolific and highly sought-after keynote speaker, she has shared her expertise in inclusive leadership, privilege, bias and equity to audiences around the world.  She is host of the popular podcast show, Why Care?, where she delves deeply into the complex and uncomfortable world of DEI.

Nadia continues to be publicly recognized for her passion, drive and thought-leadership, and was listed as HR Most Influential Thinker 2023 and named HR Champion of the Year at the European Diversity Awards 2023.